Turin is just the day before celebrating

2016-17 re-scheduled week 15 rounds all season home-country crowd Madden Coins.The 2-1 victory over Palermo and fiorentina sampdoria 2-0 victory over torino, Mr Solow’s 3-0 win over empoli.While pescara is shaking hands with cagliari 1-1, Genoa and chievo 0-0 draw, udinese with 93 minutes score 1-0 victory over bologna.The following is a detailed battle report (at home) :
Sampdoria 2-0 in Turin
Mihajlovic’s petrovic as torino coach return to sampdoria to face his former club, while Turin is just the day before celebrating the 110th anniversary of the team http://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins.Game is just beginning you don’t, falk will hit the top of the crossbar with a volley from outside the box.But the game until the 51st minute deadlock is broken, sampdoria corner form melee penalty area, barreto foot to the ball magic 2, then turned and left foot sideways rifle prone the ball into the corner, 1-0.The 94th minute, in a beautifully-weighted along the left bottom line and the Ghana midfielder substitute heathcliff, relaxed the ball into the small box, 2-0.
Mr Solow 3-0 empoli
22 minutes, library rupp attack tackled ragusa, referee a yellow card and a penalty, skoog rupp, although judgment to Manuel pellegrini direction, take the penalty but but too fast to stop the ball into the net, 1-0.The 36th minute, empoli another blow, Manuel pellegrini shot was crowe west stopped with the hand, the referee gave Mr Solow the game the second penalty.Ritchie penalty stood in front of the lower left corner, and the ball accurate penalty into the top 2-0.Just start in the second half, library Wayne rooney’s low shot hit the inside the post.Another blow, and 53 minutes, empoli richie low pass though, library rupp, threw herself, but the ball to the foot of ragusa, which naturally accepted the gift, 3-0.3-0 victory over empoli, eventually Mr Solow home win in 10 games debut.
Cagliari pescara 1-1
Pescara has six league defeats before the game, and have 12 games.24 minutes, borriello head in the penalty area after stop and di gennaro on the long ball, then back to work out the ball into the goal under the lower left corner, cagliari’s 1-0 lead.Trifecta, di gennaro in three minutes, for two consecutive unnecessary yellow card and sent off in 33 minutes, cagliari only ten men in one hour time.But pescara equalised until the game on 94 minutes, than a free-kick lachish and point out the ball after coppola in net, eventually pescara a 1-1 draw against cagliari end 6 defeats.
Fiorentina Palermo 2-1
Fiorentina in the champions league cup and premier league last week losing thessaloniki and inter, and the game in the face of a buoyant Palermo coach sosa is also sent a set of offensive formation oath three points.10 minutes, kali, header, but the referee offside penalty goal will be disallowed.33 minutes, slightly cross by agri sami block with the hand, the referee decisive penalty decision.Bernard ‘it will easily into the spot-kick, 1-0.Half-time, slightly shot by Mr Savage saved, baba card Brazilian dribbles gate successful, but the referee thought baba card collision goalkeeper first goal will be disallowed and shows that the two sides did not directly contact but slow motion.49 minutes, Palermo win a free kick opportunity, yaya, right foot directly, the ball into the goal accurately the top right corner, 1-1.The 93th minute, crazy attack more than Florence, finally, tactical headed off-target, baba being the top scoring card box, 2-1, Florence, finally achieved a victory.
Chievo 0-0 Genoa
Genoa earlier at burnley.The 32nd minute, MeiQiao in ejection hit the crossbar.The 36th minute, MeiQiao in be put down in the penalty area, the referee decisive penalty decision.But bill, will be high penalty kick.The 66th minute, because big box on the left side of the left foot shot hit the woodwork.Eventually the two sides 0-0 shaking hands.
Udinese’s 1-0 bologna
Udinese in the game just for team building 120 anniversary of the birthday.The 68th minute, oprah winfrey in Galveston down, wu was shown a second yellow card, this card is bologna have 6 yellow CARDS this season.Deadlock game until the 93th minute break, his right under the cross, danilo point after volley sideways volley, the ball after hit the post into the net, udinese’s 1-0 victory over bologna.

Newton on the bench

Panther fault, let Newton on the bench

Seattle airport yesterday against Carolina panthers appeared strange flower, there is some hope in the playoffs, Carolina panthers in today’s give up ready to begin preparing for next season.Panther in last season’s MVP Camden – Newton in absolute health, choose veteran quarterback substitute Derek Anderson to start, which frightened the pitch all of the airport, but airport soon huanguo to god.Anderson, for the first time to pass the ball, panther to sell players appeared to catch, airport line guard mike Morgan stolen success, airport take points with it first Madden Coins.

Panther want to try the first attack wave surprise in the opening, but not stealing chickens against corrosion the meters http://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins.But reports that Newton because discipline problems, was warned by the team would like this…But after this stolen, panther immediately changed the Camden – Newton rescue. Immediately, and Newton came a touchdown…

Thompson was finally found the handle

Warriors at home to a 138-109 victory over the SUNS, clay – Thompson was finally found the handle, he shot 10 of 17 had 26 points 5 rebounds and three assists, and the more made 6 of 7 three-pointers Madden Coins.
In a double overtime battle with the rockets, soup state peace of god, the warriors will eventually lost the game in their own home, and all the people in question Thompson’s state, there are a lot of people even began to doubt he and Kevin durant coexistence problem.
For Thompson, it seems that he has never been concerned about the question of the outside world, like at the beginning of the start of the season, he just told the media that his start at the beginning of the last season also experienced a slump, but soon he was back to handle, and Kevin durant is indeed very willing to help Thompson to come back.
Such circumstance appeared in the game and the game of the sun, Kevin durant doesn’t seem to be too care about their own offensive, but to organize the offense, Thompson is a beneficiary of this strategy.He hit two consecutive 3 in the first quarter to help the team out, durant is his hit the second three points of assists Madden 17 Coins.
Don’t think this is just a small probability event, in fact, the game, durant full for create offensive opportunities, Thompson Thompson is directly in the second quarter to become the beneficiaries of durant selfless strategy, his third 3 points from durant assists – his 3-pointer is full of three shots, and since then, and assists with proper durant, gives easy cic Thompson, 50 warrior – 32.And when the end of the day the sun crazy chase points, Thompson at 45 degree Angle from iguodala assists body 3 points hits, help the warriors in 64-49 steady.
The first half, the warriors team seems to be that Thompson is the terminator, the most appropriate and efficient also proved it indeed, after the second half, Thompson is a good state to continue down, assists after he scored five points in a row, green to his passing and replaced by Kevin durant, especially when he hit the second three points in the second half, the warriors lead to 21 points again, and he himself also came to 24 points, at this point his 3 point shooting and 6 of 7 is amazing.
Even in the fourth quarter of early become a waste of time, Thompson did not relax, high efficiency, in addition to continue the offensive end he also continuously sent great assists to help the west and clooney score.In the end he also helped the team scored a victory.

Chinese consortium to complete

On December 3rd, the Italian media, la gazzetta dello sport reports AC milan easy Sunday will continue to delay, could put it off until next February 28.The media that the Chinese consortium if cannot take over AC milan at the end of this month, will mean that the rossoneri during the winter in January window without money available, acquisition of reinforcements.It is reported, AC milan’s largest shareholder fenin west group has agreed to delay requirement of the Chinese consortium, but the premise is to pay 100 million euros must deposit, the Italian media, according to AC milan owners may yellow again.
This summer, mediolanum made easy to master agreement with China and the eu sports, Chinese consortium for 740 million euros to buy a 99.93% stake.According to the agreement, China and the eu sports are divided into two times to mediolanum deposit paid a total of 100 million euros, early September this year, Chinese consortium to complete the payment.According to the expected development, Chinese consortium in November 20, before and after the Derby war officially take over AC milan, but central sports did not pay the rest of the money, then drag on, first is on December 2, and then is December 13.Six weeks earlier, the community came to delay, AC milan owner silvio berlusconi has agreed, even easy Sunday become after January 15.
Surprisingly, AC milan now Sunday misfortune happened easily, once again postponed, the Italian media la gazzetta dello sport reported that China and the eu sports will take over the day on February 28.Delayed again and again, not only make small shareholders, AC milan’s largest shareholder fenin west group also began to worry about the can complete equity trading, had already notified to the central sports, for central sports provide information on all participating investors, rather than just a few major investors.In fact, the popular point, AC milan shareholders have questioned central sports resources, it also makes the rossoneri can be easy to master, uncertain, don’t rule out the possibility of yellow.
Sources pointed out that the central sports delays in payments to the shareholders of the remaining sum, AC milan is partly due to China’s policy, failed to get the required authorization, lead to can’t from foreign remittance.Italian media la repubblica newspaper said, whatever the reason, delays in the implementation of the owners, the biggest impact is AC milan itself, the black legion JiGong during terms, currently ranked third in serie a championships, only four points behind the leaders Juventus, title is promising.AC milan coach vincenzo montella was going to answer the central sports provide a huge sum of money, in the acquisition during the winter window reinforcements in January, now, it seems, can only be illusory.

German media reported that bayern

“Spox” German media reported that bayern Munich legend ze roberto has confirmed that he will hang up his boots, delay will be free for a plane crash chapais kearns play again for a year, with the practical action to comfort the Brazilian club by major trauma http://www.utfifashop.com/.
Colombia in the plane crash, a total of 71 people were killed, including 19 chapais kearns, six survivors, although there are three chapais kearns player, but will return back on the pitch, it’s all a mystery.For sand peja kearns, the plane crash almost completely annihilated, encountered unprecedented difficulties.Nowadays, chapais kearns want to raise the squad is difficult to play, Brazil and Argentina club have said the two countries, so willing to give them the player on loan, to overcome difficulties.Earlier, ronaldinho and Juan Roman riquelme said willing to chapais play kearns, ze Robert now joined the ranks.
Ze roberto, 42, the secretary left-back, Brazil international, who represents the selecao 84 appearances and scored 6 goals, follow the team won the 1997 and 1999 two session of the America’s cup champion, in 1997 and 2005, twice the confederations cup champion.Club career, ze roberto at real Madrid, bayer leverkusen and bayern Munich and Hamburg, the club played in Europe, in the southern star played six seasons, 248 appearances, scoring 20 goals, winning 10 league titles, including four bundesliga champions, the German cup and two league cup in Germany;It is worth mentioning that also once took over the Spanish champions real Madrid and ze roberto and European champions.
2015, ze roberto joining mellars Pal, 45 appearances this season and scored 2 goals, helped the team of Brazil’s top league champion in advance, and the championship ahead of time, parr mellars against team is chapais kearns.I finally hang up my boots, ze roberto had confirmed that the end of the season, as the chapais kearns crash will need a lot of players, the former Brazil international public offer free to play for a year.

Stamford bridge at napoli

Re-scheduled week 15 rounds of the game, this week’s trip to Stamford bridge at napoli, international milan will inter new coach leather ollie attended the press conference, he says, is one of the best strikers in the world, have no time to fantasy get messi, and outlook and napoli.
For match with napoli, ollie said not afraid any challenge, he said: “so far, we have done very well, and through training every day, we believe we can also have very big improvement. Of course we don’t have to worry about tomorrow’s game, because there are all kinds of risk in every game, it is important that we are a full of combat effectiveness team.”
Skin ollie also talked about the team’s players, Kaldi for Iraq, he said: “the Kaldi has proved to the people, he is one of the best strikers in world football. He was very young, has great room to improve. He has a high professional quality, hard working, the model of the other players. Gabriel is very strong also, adapt to Italian football, he did a good job at the right time, he will find opportunities in the team.” joao – Mario is characteristic, his ability than hole of Ethiopia, we will according to the characteristics of the game, choose a different player.”
Skin ollie also answered about the rumours of a transfer, he said: “messi? Dream is beautiful, but it is potentially dangerous. We have no time to get messi fantasy, we should base on the reality. I just came to the team for three weeks, for target reinforcements, I’m not sure the new candidate, this time I will meet with representatives of suning, communicate us in the transfer market. Zhang near east and Joe hill to support my job very much, they are eager to will inter milan back to peak, and the determination to put into practice.”

Spanish giants abuse of food

King’s cup first round is the stage of traditional Spanish giants abuse of food, but in the face of leone, real Madrid two legs is scored 13 goals, a record in 56 years.And real Madrid player again has strong performances, mariano has scored four goals in total, two round tonight to match the record of raul, zidane’s son enzo is the award for his first goal in the first team, castilla academy players to shine.
In order to prepare for the national Derby, zinedine zidane tonight even no Lucas – vazquez into the starting lineup, mariano single arrow is playing offense.Hope only 23 seconds, the Dominican republic striker of the goal for real Madrid, the Arsenal forward theo play steals, then sends out the cross, mariano in front of the foot to the ball pad to rewrite the score.
The ball is the real Madrid since the 2011-2012 champions league first leg national Derby, benzema opening after just 22 seconds to score against Barcelona, the Milky Way battleship all competitions scored the quickest goal.And it is also the fastest real Madrid in the king’s cup.Promotion suspense in the first round games has come to an end, the only point is how much real Madrid is able to abuse the ball.
The 42nd minute, mariano restricted right rib oaxaca passing, receiving card, turned and volleyed the last real Madrid youth players can be in the king’s cup debut in the brace, tottenham it was back in 2002.Mariano is a hat-trick in the second half, himself received Hector’s passing, bent over in front of the bombing.While real Madrid last youth players scored a hat-trick in the king’s cup, or against the royal united in 2008, raul.
Calculate scored from 1 became the first leg, now mariano is scored four goals in the king’s cup, is the tournament top scorer for the time being.And mariano tonight showed complete confidence in front of the door, his shot is not slow, the Dominican republic striker itself is in fact very confident player in the life.Mariano originally by real Madrid this summer is going to exercise on loan to other teams, but talking with zinedine zidane, mariano said his future will be a golden globe, strong self-confidence finally conquered zizou, real Madrid coach decided to keep the youth striker in the bernabeu.
In an interview after the match, mariano said: “quite amazing scored 1, and scored a hat-trick in the feeling is amazing, I still didn’t have much time to finish these goals, the happiness is incredible. I had no idea what the long-term, I think of is to work hard continuously, seize every opportunity, I’m very glad to help complete double rivals real Madrid.”
Mariano tonight also assists zinedine zidane, the son of 63 minutes in the second half, the Dominican republic striker area left rib sent back, after enzo zinedine zidane as a substitute, the box couple place finish.This is the son of zidane at real Madrid for the first time to attend a formal game, and made his debut on gains.
Zinedine zidane retired at the end of the World Cup final 10 years ago, and 3852 days, again have a zinedine zidane to attend a formal game for real Madrid, the son of former zizou has scored for real Madrid in the race winners, and efficiency is higher than his father, in the play 18 minutes after the break, and zinedine zidane that year is after 345 minutes of play for real Madrid scored the first goal.
Enzo is 20th has become a real Madrid this season scoring goals for a team of players, enzo can to say now is too early to his father’s height.But two legs in the king’s cup, scoring 13 goals, in the history of real Madrid team just happened three times, the last also traced back to 1960, and is the first time in 1928, the first two score of 13-0 and 13-1 respectively.
This 13 goals is to show the real Madrid academy level, remove two own goals, the rest of 11 goals, maura tower and Arsenal theo into 2 balls, each scored four goals, mariano enzo and Joe each scored 1, another 1 goal is from the 2014 J a move to real Madrid, real Madrid youth combined scoring 10 goals, fighting capacity.

For South America cup final first leg

For South America cup final first leg Brazilian club chapais kearns, while en route to a destination on a plane, plane crash occurred in Colombia.It is reported that the plane carrying 81 people, including 72 passengers and nine crew, aboard the plane chapais kearns players there are 22 people.So far, plane crash has killed 76 people.
The Chinese football association through official weibo also killed in the accident to chapais kearns team members conducted a mourning, and matches by the team a few days ago to celebrate when the final video:
“This is chapais kearns into South America cup final after the video of the team in the locker room to celebrate.
Chapais kearns city xap, about 200000 people live, vice chairman of the club said: “there are a lot of people in our city was crying, we never thought of such a thing will happen. Chapais kearns is one of the largest source of fun here.”
But remember the source of joy, may the deceased rest in peace, living strong!

Real Madrid in the champions league

Real Madrid in the champions league group G away with benzema last-minute header 2 to 1 victory over sporting Lisbon, continue to bite in the first place in Dortmund.

Has a lot of big stars in real Madrid array we all know this, but the game, in addition to cristiano ronaldo and others, the pitch is very famous also stood a figure, he is the bottom line of the referee on the spot, named Douglas Ross, Ross’s original main business is not the referee, his “identity” is Tory MPS in Scotland, is the representative of the Scottish highlands and surrounding islands the interests of the voters.

Ross, however, because the referee the part-time missed the judiciary committee meeting in the day, the point is, this is not the first time that rose because the referee work affected their daily work, in 2014, he was in the Brazilian World Cup referee training work, and missed the local vote of the new tax policy, now, rose again to make mistakes, is facing a risk of being fired.

Recently, a man named Ben macpherson’s Scottish national party lawmakers said in an interview with the BBC, “the last time, he told us that it was just an accident, but now the situation happen again, I think it is time to direct to his red card (fire).”

Macpherson went on to say, “obviously he read the referee the job better than the annual salary of 40000 pounds heavier work, his behavior for electoral completely is a kind of contempt and irresponsible. Therefore, if he is unable to continue as the job, he should accept the drop immediately dispose (fire), peace of mind to be a referee.”

If Ross finally really so I lost my job, it is really some do more harm than good, in China, it is equivalent to a civil servant idle to run to do a part-time job, as a result of the cast iron rice bowl.

Arsenal continue came in fourth place

2016-17 premier league season 13 rounds of compete, Arsenal play bournemouth, sitting at the emirates stadium.12 minutes, sanchez using bournemouth defender returned error, cook cut gate opener.22 minutes, real box knocked at bournemouth Wilson, Wilson’s advantage of penalty equaliser.54 minutes, walcott meet real left lateral knock, clinging header to expand the score.The 91th minute, giroux nabla knock back on the right side of the area, sanchez middle road, keep up with the finish, 3 to 1.Arsenal 3-1 defeat at bournemouth, after 13 rounds of league, Arsenal continue came in fourth place, the gunners all competitions in 19 games unbeaten.
Was built at bournemouth team last season in the premier league for the first time, in the history of bournemouth after wandering in the lower league throughout the year, this is only two clubs in the history of formal game 4 of the meetings, have won three straight after Arsenal, scored seven goals lost 0.Play two rounds of the premier league last season, Arsenal home and away in a 2-0 defeat at bournemouth, on October 27, 1987, a carling cup match, Arsenal 3-0 defeat at bournemouth.
Compared to last week in the champions league and Arsenal to the starting line-up has seven position of personnel changes, regression goalkeeper petr cech, right-back DE bush adopts jenkinson, this is DE bush play for Arsenal for the first time this season, gibbs, left-back was replaced by the real card and el ni partner double waist, chamberlain it for starting as a left-sided midfielder, every middle and right forward theo walcott, sanchez is back to the single arrow, giroux, ivo, Ramsey striker on the bench.Rent by the gunners to bournemouth wilshere due to escape clause can’t play.