One of the biggest take homes from the EA Sports team is that patience is not only a virtue but the key to a strong defence

It is the ambition scorers that get the celebrity and the girls in pro soccer but you can’t get far on the angle after some solid defence. To advice FIFA 15 gamers bank up their D and advice out the babysitter EA Sports has produced a new video detailing…

Manuel Neuer behind FIFA decision to hand 2022 World Cup to Qatar

Manuel Neuer behind FIFA decision to hand 2022 World Cup to Qatar

One of the better yield homes from the EA Sports aggregation is that backbone is not alone a advantage but the key to a able defence. Don’t go accelerate arrest all over the abode or getting too aggressive. Jockeying the brawl carrier and absolute the answerability can yield a little longer, and may be beneath flashy, but in the end can be added effective. For all of tips from EA Sports analysis out the video below.

Germany and Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has said that he trusts FIFA to accept called the appropriate abode in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup

Bayern are currently in the Gulf accompaniment advancing for the additional bisected of the Bundesliga season, accepting autonomous for Qatar as a training abject for a fifth after year.

The German champions accept cited the ideal pitches and absolute altitude as the capital acumen abaft their trips to the 2022 World Cup hosts.

Manuel Neuer behind FIFA decision to hand 2022 World Cup to Qatar

Manuel Neuer behind FIFA decision to hand 2022 World Cup to Qatar

“Of course, we aswell apprehend that assertive things appear there which we all don’t like actuality in Germany, ” Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said in January, apropos to the altercation surrounding FIFA’s accommodation to duke Qatar the 2022 World Cup. “But that’s a assignment for backroom and not for action and not for football.”

Speaking to reporters in Qatar on Wednesday, Neuer remained adept if asked about the arguable vote for the Gulf accompaniment to host the 2022 World Cup.

“FIFA accept consistently called places area abundant World Cups took place,” he said in quotes appear by kicker, and added that above-mentioned to the two a lot of contempo World Cups — in South Africa and Brazil — there had aswell been questions aloft about the hosts.

Also speaking to the media was Neuer’s assistant Arjen Robben, who accepted Qatar’s outstanding pitches, and said that “the altitude appropriate now are ideal.”

However, apropos to calls to move the 2022 World Cup to the winter, he added: “It is too balmy actuality in the summer to play football.”

The Netherlands all-embracing banned to accomplish any added comments on the 2022 World Cup.

“I accept aswell formed an opinion, but I’ll accumulate it to myself,” he said. “There are cameras actuality and that’s dangerous.”

FIFA 15 FUT mode players recommend cost-effective and practical magician What FUT

FIFA FUT mode sorcerer who has 15 players? Thousand or so utility player have? Here we recommend the FIFA15 FUT cost players. Recommended are the thousand or so players, so that I know C Massey, but the price is out of reach.

Buy Fut 15 Coins

Buy Fut 15 Coins


Lazio grams of God, although values in general, but really easy to use. Heading left foot balanced Qiangdian good sense, as well as a high bounce value, cheap.

Florence, Mario Gomez, powerful front Pa, no solution in the following four league crosses tactics.

Inter Palacio, fast, good dribbling, shooting well, the body still, cheap, counter type players


Kara macro Naples strongly recommended speed, dribbling, able to pass to shoot, inexpensive volume is enough, feel good! In contrast J Lo, I may not use, good value but feel very bad, with slow ball when I thought it was Pirlo.


Liverpool Markovic, fast feel good, cheap. Lennon is also good, although the high value, but I think it is better to use Markovic, but all the thousand or so.

Bayern Sacchi, a child easy ah, speed, dribbling, feel, flexible after blasting Ravitch, the price of your (also only around 2000), the only shot power shortage may be weak, but fundamental.

Paradis, forget which team, the Argentine, when the small Ravitch with it, beginning very affordable players.


Recommended two Spanish right-back, Barcelona Montoya and another one called De Marx, are speed-type fullback, good dribbling and can plug in field goal.

Germany also Yeung Sum, defensive ability in the left, tall, do not feel slow, often to the plate in front, a long pass and pass also OK.


Gundogan fried chicken can suddenly full ah really easy to wear can fill with who knows who bit

Pirlo Laojifuli high aspirations hero Zhuangxinbuyi old age, I think Inter beat Juve make during kicking midfielder playmaker Andrea Pirlo idea generation midfield maestro achievements but also the achievements of this organization midfielder position is attacking midfielder Rear great idea to kick playmaker Andrea Pirlo’s physical condition was central defender and midfielder squeezed in the middle of the dead do not know how to die but could easily organize midfielder position to control the rhythm once the ball up front to find neutral and hold the RT + long-range shot in the instep give you a surprise, he is also a small number of the landlord love with slow players.

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Manchester City to sell 25 million front of God have signed Tim 5 million to buy the first defended God

Ivorian center Bernie joined Manchester City deal, it seems that the board set nails, and the player himself and brokers have publicly confirmed the transfer is nearing completion and will soon be in place to sign Manchester City first winter. The sign Bernie capital investment in the summer because of the sale was offset Negredo.

Bernie Blue Moon coming up

Bernie Blue Moon coming up

Negredo 25 million sold in Valencia

Negredo 25 million sold in Valencia

Before heading to Abu Dhabi with the Ivorian national team will be and, Bernie, was interviewed at the airport, he was not shy about talking to join Manchester City. “Transaction in progress, the negotiations are continuing, and now I’m going to the national team, and focus on the national team.” Bernie said.

“Every player wants to play in the Champions League and the World Cup, which is every player’s desire, when you get the chance, sometimes true, sometimes not, I just want a step by step.”

Bernie’s agent Francis – Cacau is clear that the transaction will be completed soon. “During the negotiations, but we expect it will be completed soon, it seems no problem. I have only some small economic details to be resolved, but I expect it will be completed in the coming days.”

According to British media, Bernie the joining fee of £ 25 million, in addition to appearances, etc. according to the terms of Swansea City will pay an additional £ 5 million. However, Manchester City actually has finalized another pen proceeds, loan Spain striker Negredo to Valencia this season, the effectiveness, Manchester City and Valencia has signed an agreement with the bat Legion will permanently sign £ 25 million at the end of the season under Negredo, which will also make up the majority of spending Manchester City signed Bernie financially. Manchester City in the winter will also consider selling Vidic back to Serie A, to seek further financial balance.

Bernie interviewed at the airport

Bernie interviewed at the airport

Bernie is now headed center of Côte d’Ivoire, the season continued outstanding performance in Swansea, if the calculated calendar year 2014 (2014 年 1 January to 31 December) the number of goals, he is the Premiership [microblogging] the first person, scored 20 goals, 16 goals over Aguero). Former Arsenal legend Houwei Ji Weng commented that Manchester City striker Bernie will bring powerful elements to increase the strength and impact strength, and he is joining Manchester City will solve the biggest problem so far this season: striker thickness.

Premier League calendar year 2014 the first person: Bernie

Bernie (20 goals), Aguero (16 goals), Dzeko (14 goals), Yaya – Toure (14 goals), Daniel Sturridge (13 goals), Wayne Rooney (13 goals)

Bernie career scoring data:

2008-2011: Sparta Prague (22 goals in 59 games), 2011-13: Waiters (46 goals in 65 games), 2013-present: Swansea (70 games 34 goals); 2010-present: Cote d’Ivoire national team (32 games 11 goals)

Bernie scoring data in Swansea:

70 games 34 goals, 6 balls left foot, right foot 20 ball, 8-ball headed; 32 ball inside the penalty area, the ball outside the area 2; warfare 25 goals, three goals from a corner, a ball from the free kick, penalty kick five goals.

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Manchester City want barca unrest looting British media: PK purchase Macy Blues

Barcelona sporting director Zubizarreta after the dismissal, the former captain Carles Puyol also resigned, executives turmoil, the British media, “Manchester Evening News,” the disclosure of wealthy Premier League champions Manchester City will take the opportunity to accelerate Buy Macy.

"Manchester Evening News": Barcelona, Manchester City will accelerate Buying Messi turmoil

“Manchester Evening News”: Barcelona, Manchester City will accelerate Buying Messi turmoil

Barca dissatisfied Zubizarreta bad summer signings, his high-priced introduction Mathieu, picked up “basket case” Vermaelen makes a decision criticized from Arsenal. International Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced the FIFA transfer ban on Barcelona for a period of one year, effective, also accelerated Zubizarreta leave. Zubizarreta joined Barcelona in 2010, and the introduction of nine La Masia illegal underage player is in the period he served as club sporting director occurred.

Barcelona captain Carles Puyol is a former assistant Zubizarreta, he resigned to protest the way Barca’s decision, senior Nou Camp in turmoil. “Manchester Evening News,” the disclosure of wealthy Premier League champions Manchester City will take the opportunity to accelerate Buying Messi, the media said the move to Manchester City quite “ambitious.” Barcelona lost to Real Sociedad last round just coach David Moyes, Messi coming off the bench, he is rumored to Enrique very dissatisfied, even asked him to replace Barcelona.
In fact last year after the resignation of former Chairman Russell Barcelona squad on simmering, not stable. Manchester City will face Barcelona in the Champions League knockout stages, but they are by no means easy Buying Messi, due next year, people can not buy that Barcelona can not easily let go of their players headed. In addition to Manchester City, Chelsea also face competition, Messi has concerned the official Blues tweets, is exacerbated by rumors.
Messi is also concerned about another two Chelsea Courtois and Felipe tweets, that they were last season, Atletico effect. Messi missed due to acute gastroenteritis Barcelona open training yesterday, thousands of children came to watch the training, but they did not see Mr. fourth ball figure. Media speculation that Messi missed training is an expression of dissatisfaction, he had to publicly apologize.

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Gerald Rogers birthday coincides with the FA Cup final: Jay team won farewell

Liverpool manager Rodgers has said he will fight to win this season, led the team to the FA Cup, Gerrard birthday coincides with the final day, he hopes to claim the trophy with a great way to bid farewell to captain.

Gerrard birthday coincides with the FA Cup final

Gerrard birthday coincides with the FA Cup final

Gerrard had already confirmed that the freedom to leave the contract expires after this season, he is expected to switch to the US professional league or the Los Angeles Galaxy, New York Red Bulls. For this season, the race to see Liverpool, May 24 riding League Stoke City will be fighting off Gerrard Reds career curtain call, but if you break into the FA Cup final, it will be Gerrard last campaign once played for Liverpool.

This season is the FA Cup final in May 30, the day coincides with the 35th birthday Gerrard, the Liverpool manager Rodgers in view, manage application team to win the FA Cup to bid farewell to Gerald.
Rogers said: “Our goal this season is supposed to win a championship, and now we have extra motivation, is a symbol of Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard, he will leave us no better way than to reach the final salute him. “” it is particularly important, this is the FA Cup final. If he leads a team trophy, which means a dream come true, it would be the best way to say goodbye. we certainly do not want to, riding the league game against Stoke City is our last game of the season. ”

If you want to enter the FA Cup final to Liverpool, it is imperative to get rid of this week in the third round of Wimbledon, England B team, and the “Daily Mail” has learned that Gerrard will certainly be in the campaign as the starter. If Liverpool can really claim the FA Cup this season, which will also be the third win of his career Gerrard, 2001 and 2005, Fitzgerald had two with the Reds win the FA Cup.

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“FIFA 15: Ultimate Team “practical skills Raiders

EA football game in the new “FIFA15″ in what brings some new things too, when players need to pay attention to what to play, bring the following
“FIFA15″ Raiders just for you to solve this problem

Fifa15 Game

Fifa15 Game

FIFA15 players the ability to value the ability to value the top ten list of rankings
EA also released the top ten players the ability to value players. Messi and C Ronaldo doing my part to continue to lead the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich, there are as many as four players selected.
10, Azar (Chelsea) 88
9, Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich) 88
8, Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich) 88
7, Suarez (Barcelona) 89
6, Andres Iniesta (Barcelona) 89
5 Neuer (Bayern Munich) 90
4, Ibrahimovic (Paris Saint Germain) 90
3, Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich) 90
2, C Luo (Real Madrid) 92
1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) 93

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Overall legendary star players the ability to list

Baresi 92, Beckenbauer 93, Blanco 89, Laudrup 88, Bremer 87, Butragueno 90, 88 Roy Keane, Michael Laudrup 89, Bobby Moore 88, Okocha 87, Roberto Carlos 88, Schmeichel 90, Alan Shearer 89, Stoichkov 90, Valderrama 86

FIFA 15 practical tips and tactics

“FIFA15″ with previous years, almost all three lines of speed, style, structure formation, this I believe we have to understand. When the main offensive moves set forward before the games more or coordinate. Midfielder mainly Daojiao or fast forward. After the field is oppressive and stations around the wide tight. There are moves in the front is a good option to own resourcefulness or station location, oppressive defense is to decide you still hit the high defensive retreat without leaving space station front and oppression can be well in the other offensive strangle but at the same time easy to play games behind rearward + no urgency behind the ball, but can be prevented easily be pressing play, the width is the defense stations are compact or spread, Barcelona and long-range type of penetration is difficult to shoot you but your opponent can easily blow up the sidewalk, you can spread out the door wide open, but a good fight against the sidewalk.
“FIFA15″ is no longer a defensive mentality to walk so simple to set direction, depending on the position of each player can have different options, such as striker wandering type or Zhan Zhuang, find space on the other side there is to coordinate the defense of the oppressed how many degrees, midfield or forward runs to protect up to become a winger that can pass as a winger or wingers more sidewalks began to organize, although this made the goalkeeper is God, but the chance is king stifled opponents, such as front: Speed 90, 90 passing, shooting 80, to walk freely, midfielder: Speed 80, 90 passing, to walk freely, defense: defense 20, oppression 20, width 30, to fill the seats, the following players: Costa Zhan Zhuang + defense + standing oppression Road (this varies a), Azar and William Feng, of course, is in the endo + casually walk the other one forward pass defense will be able to get the ball and a lot of time ball point not far away from the kicker chance, a small law midfield default moves plus anti-pass line, Matic pure defense is not forward runs plus marking, defender default, the pressure on the two sides back often use this tactic Possession basic 55 after open shot is much higher than the other, the effect can be described as immediate, your opponent can not have scoring chances, but we greatly reduced pressure, in general, in the “FIFA15″ the flexible than the opponent has to change tactics had more time.

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FIFA Online3 Fukubukuro purchase experience EP guidelines for the use of ordinary players 10 Advice

FIFA Online3 official website launched a high proportion of each child for players to buy, then FIFA OL3 each child how to buy? EP how should use? Then you look at the FIFA Online3 Fukubukuro purchase experience and EP usage guidelines.

FIFA Online3

FIFA Online3

FIFA Online3

1. ep influx market, Tencent is bound to adjust the rate of violence combined card, thenext week, and the card is not recommended.

2. Based on past experience knows that each child will inevitably lead to an overall price increase, therefore, is not recommended during the Fukubukuro buy players.

3 .. someone said, that when players buy it, as an ordinary player, you can buy some ep Tuen, the impact of each child should be only about half a month, you can purchase a mid to late star more cost effective.

4 out of each child, absolutely Tyrant himself, bulk purchase, in the early morning of December 31 can be put on the players want to sell at high prices, the next morning, you will be pleasantly surprised to find was seconds away.

5. The game has a lot of student players, out of each child should not blindly buy a lot, otherwise the rest of the month to prepare eating bread bar, girlfriend also told me. . . .

6. There are a lot of players sell w not sell how to do it, it does not matter, off the shelf, put a higher than it is now at 22 o’clock on the 31st after the price, every minute was second. I believe in the power of local tyrants.

7. About Tencent out each child’s intentions, should be, a lot of w card emergence of market chaos, each child must be out of adjustment, which is a secondary reason,, the most important thing, at the end, workers sent by the end bonuses, annual meeting, there are many benefits hands early in the student’s cost of living there in January, and by 2015 to celebrate the name of misappropriating really clever !!

8. Do not think Tencent is a good man, villain is obvious, simply want to misappropriating, while adjusting the rate of violence, the influx of new players is not much now, the players novelty has passed, the next will send a lot of cards If this time anxious to buy players, then half of the price will fall so that you heartache. Referring to 10 football card

9. Tencent welfare ep so much intensity, it could pave the way for the New Year out of 07 cards, 07 cards are just out of high price, this time they can misappropriating up. So if you buy a lot of ep, and the next 07 cards in addition to the Spring Festival, as an ordinary player should purchase 07 cards, players should Puka card or w stars such as cost-effective.

10, the last point, determined players can be found, and now the market price has started to grow, the rate of violence has also been adjusted to remember that holding ep, do not blindly follow the trend, not the recent and cards.

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FIFA 15 came up with a new tactics of the menu

FIFA 15 came up with a new tactics of the menu, which will allow gamers to customize the form more easily than ever before. You will also get some tips on stratigraphic setting, you use specific tactics understand what advantages and disadvantages.

In 2015 PES, you have a better system than the tactical and strategic FIFA 15, but they have been in this better.

Original license

PES with like European leagues, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and the Copa Libertadores in the race. When you start playing in the Champions League PES2015 years, you will see the official UEFA Champions League theme such as PES will most likely want to get a license in all European competitions, big teams and stadiums in the future introduction video .

FIFA 15 is equipped with all the leagues, stadiums, teams and players, with more than 25 championship game EA licensed FIFA game. However, not all official FIFA tournament, you will be forced to make their own standards and the championship game.

In conclusion

FIFA 15 to the many new animations, and updated graphics and tactics, but at the same time PES 15 to catch up with their new game engine allows the player looks more realistic than ever before.

It’s not so easy to pick a game between these two, because it depends on the style of each player and each game comes with some of the advantages and disadvantages of some of them, we have told you above.

The impact on Youtube community

The impact on Youtube community

We must therefore be aware that the phenomenon is treated very seriously by developers because many complaints were forwarded to them.

However, this will have a direct impact on the FUT game community. In addition to falling against a team with which it can not compete, it’s mostly the atmosphere that will reign in the community that will suffer. Electronic Arts puts forward a clear reporting system of credit sales sites and also videos that glorify the purchase / resale.

Some YouTubers including making some of their hearing and their revenues in the FUT method will be directly affected by this phenomenon certainly causing a decline in their views. It is a risk taken Fifa, since almost all know that the development of FUT method stems in part from the web community found on YouTube and on FUT specialized sites. Finally, it is reasonable to ask whether the greatest novelty FUT 15 will not be this hunt for credit retailers