Degea: Enjoy the Christmas fixtures, exciting exciting

Degea: Enjoy the Christmas fixtures, exciting exciting


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Buy Fifa 15 Coins Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea prospect of the upcoming Christmas schedule, he believes the team can take advantage of this opportunity to continue the good state of the club.

This name is still adapting to the Spanish goalkeeper during Christmas need to face heavy competition, but the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper for the period of the season enjoyed, he also hopes the team can continue unbeaten in the last seven games Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins.

Degea said: “We need to keep in good condition, either the player himself or the entire team for those of us from other players to join the league is still a little strange, because we used to have before the winter break, and can be obtained in the New Year. rest. but at the same time, you will really enjoy these games. ”

“This is a great time, these games can be exciting. You used to accompany their families during the holidays, but for those who watch the game, has been busy throughout the year it is very important for people who want to get a break and enjoy the wonderful game of football. ”

In the 2012 Boxing Day match against Newcastle United still let Degea impressed the Red Devils 4-3 at home to thrilling win. He said: “That’s the game I was very impressed, it’s really very, very stimulating.”

“From the first day I came to Manchester I started to enjoy it every game. And Newcastle’s game will be very important battle, this is an exciting game. I’m looking forward to this contest. We playing at home, so as usual, we will get the support of the fans. we want to win the three points to continue the good momentum. “

Neymar attend charity called Barcelona effect until at least 2022

Neymar attend charity called Barcelona effect until at least 2022

 Neymar attend charity called Barcelona effect until at least 2022

Fut 15 Coins Neymar in Brazil to attend the inauguration ceremony of a local in his name public service agencies.

Neymar revealed that at the time of the arrival of the 2022 World Cup, he will remain for Barcelona.

Neymar attend charity called Barcelona effect until at least 2022

Tuesday, Barcelona star Neymar to bring love to his own son, attended the inauguration ceremony named Institute, the Institute to help local disadvantaged children and families.

The event is very lively, more than 100 registered reporters to the scene to interview the mayor of South Bay city location Institute Roberto – Morand, Vice President in charge of Barcelona FC Barcelona Foundation Ramon – Xi Erke also be present.

“Neymar ‘Institute is located in the city of Sao Paulo, South Bay area, Neymar here spent a large part of childhood. The purpose of the Institute is to provide educational and extracurricular sports activities for disadvantaged children, to help vulnerable children and their families to actively participate in the activities of the community Ultimate Team Fifa 15 Coins.

The project is also part of the “Football Network Project” Barcelona Foundation had launched “Football Network Project”, designed to help more disadvantaged children the opportunity to participate in sports activities, this “Neymar Research Institute” is also a part of this great project. FC Barcelona under the auspices of the Foundation, which is the second project of its kind held in Brazil two years ago, has held similar events in Rio de Janeiro.

“Neymar” Institute occupies 8400 square meters, can provide 2300 7-14 year-old children to provide opportunities for physical activity, but also indirectly for more than 10,000 children to help. In the list of sports offered by the agency, including soccer, volleyball, swimming, dancing, reading, writing, and IT and other subjects. For lack of education than the children, the agency also provides cultural literacy classes. In addition, medical care, rehabilitation, health and financial services.

The Institute is developing a well thought out plan to provide help for those who are not able to enjoy plenty of children in community service. For example, in the South Bay local, many children in the community designated areas only 90% complete sports activities. In addition, there are some cases in local, for example, children were asked only to join their local parents or another family member has joined a sports club.

Neymar said at least for Barcelona until 2022 Neymar said: “For me, this is not just my personal thing, thank FC Barcelona Foundation will allow me to participate in such a community project I like to help the kids, especially growing up in my hometown, I know for a long time. people have been looking forward to such a project. ”

When it comes to your own life Barcelona, Neymar said: “I am very pleased to be able for Barcelona during the World Cup, I will for Barcelona .2022 years, a long time from now.”

FC Barcelona Vice President Ramon – Xi Erke said: “This project is great, is a promising project, we believe, to promote more projects for the future bring valuable experience.”

When it comes to Barcelona to sign Yueneimaer, Ramon – Xi Erke said: “When we signed Neymar club, we believe we have the best players brought to the Camp Nou, and in fact is the case Neymar commitment. let us feel flattered that he views social responsibility in full compliance with the spirit of FC Barcelona Foundation, today’s event also proved this point. we will continue to strive to create a better project. ”

Neymar’s father, said: “For our family, Neymar is very proud to be joining Barca thing for us because it opens up a new world I am ashamed, not able to do more for our local children. thing, so I am very grateful to this project, it really helps a lot of people over the past two years we paid a lot of effort. I hope this project as the best Christmas present this year. South Bay kids are looking forward to Events in January next year. ”

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