FIFA 15 FUT mode players recommend cost-effective and practical magician What FUT

FIFA FUT mode sorcerer who has 15 players? Thousand or so utility player have? Here we recommend the FIFA15 FUT cost players. Recommended are the thousand or so players, so that I know C Massey, but the price is out of reach.

Buy Fut 15 Coins
Buy Fut 15 Coins


Lazio grams of God, although values in general, but really easy to use. Heading left foot balanced Qiangdian good sense, as well as a high bounce value, cheap.

Florence, Mario Gomez, powerful front Pa, no solution in the following four league crosses tactics.

Inter Palacio, fast, good dribbling, shooting well, the body still, cheap, counter type players


Kara macro Naples strongly recommended speed, dribbling, able to pass to shoot, inexpensive volume is enough, feel good! In contrast J Lo, I may not use, good value but feel very bad, with slow ball when I thought it was Pirlo.


Liverpool Markovic, fast feel good, cheap. Lennon is also good, although the high value, but I think it is better to use Markovic, but all the thousand or so.

Bayern Sacchi, a child easy ah, speed, dribbling, feel, flexible after blasting Ravitch, the price of your (also only around 2000), the only shot power shortage may be weak, but fundamental.

Paradis, forget which team, the Argentine, when the small Ravitch with it, beginning very affordable players.


Recommended two Spanish right-back, Barcelona Montoya and another one called De Marx, are speed-type fullback, good dribbling and can plug in field goal.

Germany also Yeung Sum, defensive ability in the left, tall, do not feel slow, often to the plate in front, a long pass and pass also OK.


Gundogan fried chicken can suddenly full ah really easy to wear can fill with who knows who bit

Pirlo Laojifuli high aspirations hero Zhuangxinbuyi old age, I think Inter beat Juve make during kicking midfielder playmaker Andrea Pirlo idea generation midfield maestro achievements but also the achievements of this organization midfielder position is attacking midfielder Rear great idea to kick playmaker Andrea Pirlo’s physical condition was central defender and midfielder squeezed in the middle of the dead do not know how to die but could easily organize midfielder position to control the rhythm once the ball up front to find neutral and hold the RT + long-range shot in the instep give you a surprise, he is also a small number of the landlord love with slow players.

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Manchester City to sell 25 million front of God have signed Tim 5 million to buy the first defended God

Ivorian center Bernie joined Manchester City deal, it seems that the board set nails, and the player himself and brokers have publicly confirmed the transfer is nearing completion and will soon be in place to sign Manchester City first winter. The sign Bernie capital investment in the summer because of the sale was offset Negredo.

Bernie Blue Moon coming up
Bernie Blue Moon coming up
Negredo 25 million sold in Valencia
Negredo 25 million sold in Valencia

Before heading to Abu Dhabi with the Ivorian national team will be and, Bernie, was interviewed at the airport, he was not shy about talking to join Manchester City. “Transaction in progress, the negotiations are continuing, and now I’m going to the national team, and focus on the national team.” Bernie said.

“Every player wants to play in the Champions League and the World Cup, which is every player’s desire, when you get the chance, sometimes true, sometimes not, I just want a step by step.”

Bernie’s agent Francis – Cacau is clear that the transaction will be completed soon. “During the negotiations, but we expect it will be completed soon, it seems no problem. I have only some small economic details to be resolved, but I expect it will be completed in the coming days.”

According to British media, Bernie the joining fee of £ 25 million, in addition to appearances, etc. according to the terms of Swansea City will pay an additional £ 5 million. However, Manchester City actually has finalized another pen proceeds, loan Spain striker Negredo to Valencia this season, the effectiveness, Manchester City and Valencia has signed an agreement with the bat Legion will permanently sign £ 25 million at the end of the season under Negredo, which will also make up the majority of spending Manchester City signed Bernie financially. Manchester City in the winter will also consider selling Vidic back to Serie A, to seek further financial balance.

Bernie interviewed at the airport
Bernie interviewed at the airport

Bernie is now headed center of Côte d’Ivoire, the season continued outstanding performance in Swansea, if the calculated calendar year 2014 (2014 年 1 January to 31 December) the number of goals, he is the Premiership [microblogging] the first person, scored 20 goals, 16 goals over Aguero). Former Arsenal legend Houwei Ji Weng commented that Manchester City striker Bernie will bring powerful elements to increase the strength and impact strength, and he is joining Manchester City will solve the biggest problem so far this season: striker thickness.

Premier League calendar year 2014 the first person: Bernie

Bernie (20 goals), Aguero (16 goals), Dzeko (14 goals), Yaya – Toure (14 goals), Daniel Sturridge (13 goals), Wayne Rooney (13 goals)

Bernie career scoring data:

2008-2011: Sparta Prague (22 goals in 59 games), 2011-13: Waiters (46 goals in 65 games), 2013-present: Swansea (70 games 34 goals); 2010-present: Cote d’Ivoire national team (32 games 11 goals)

Bernie scoring data in Swansea:

70 games 34 goals, 6 balls left foot, right foot 20 ball, 8-ball headed; 32 ball inside the penalty area, the ball outside the area 2; warfare 25 goals, three goals from a corner, a ball from the free kick, penalty kick five goals.

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