According to the British media

This period of time, alcohol abuse scandal that rooney is very big, the British media campaign drove rooney twice again and again, he said the reporter’s behavior is shameful, and then scold media is always making up in front reporter news, radical.However, rooney’s bad mood to be over.According to the British media’s latest news, the daily mirror, the football association after investigation that Wayne rooney’s drinking event no violations, won’t make punishment to rooney, who may continue to have three lions on the captain’s armband.
Immediately after drinking scandals, the fa will investigation, the results of the survey show that Wayne rooney not guilty.After yesterday’s Europa league game, rooney has insisted that he did not enter the wedding scene.The fa approved it, they said rooney did not attend the wedding, and England did not impose a curfew on that night, that is to say rooney drinking behavior and no violations.
Wayne rooney will not be any penalty, so time drinking events were safe for his captain’s armband.The fa said rooney just drink the wine of the public in the hotel, not into the wedding media said.In addition, cable, cover, no clear ban players out drinking.At that time, Mr. Think geithner announced to dismiss player (the time from Saturday to Sunday morning at noon 11), while Wayne rooney is on Sunday night to drink.In 12 teammates left hotel out happy, rooney to stay in the hotel, he didn’t want to become the focus of the paparazzi, but ultimately had an accident.
The daily mirror the report pointed out that the fa will ensure Wayne rooney can continue, for his nation despite his starting place has been in limbo.Next week, Mr. Geithner will officially become England coach, he will not make punishment to Wayne rooney.
Wayne rooney has said he wants for his nation, and think it’s a great honor.In march next year, will play a friendly with Germany, England and in four days after the friendly and Lithuania’s World Cup qualifier.These four months in the future, rooney to ensure the stability of playing time in Manchester united, so that he can ensure that into the England squad.At present, rooney has made 119 appearances for England, from the Hilton’s record (125 times) only 6 times.

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