Aqua general has been forced to quit Germany

Aqua general has been forced to quit Germany for their upcoming 2016 European championship qualifier against Gibraltar and friendly, Spain because of an ankle injury.

Have World Cup ™ and damage of the same type, this season the 25-year-old, who has missed the bundesliga game 5, due to ankle ligament damage   FIFA PS3 Coins , has been ruled out for two weeks, he picked up his latest questions on Sunday.

He was diagnosed with a sprained ligaments and tendons and bruise in his left ankle was borussia Dortmund club doctor markus Braun on Monday, according to the bundesliga club issued a statement on its website.

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So on Tuesday as planned, but will his recovery in Dortmund, he will not report to the international obligation.

It is hoped that he would later this month for lampard burns borussia Dortmund’s next league fixture, if not their trip to Arsenal in the champions league.

After the news was borussia Dortmund, only time know that they are not their Greek defender bonifacio di pappas tower thorpe, two weeks later, he broke his in Sunday’s 1-0 win against borussia monchengladbach fibula   FIFA PS3 Coins  – their first eight wins in the bundesliga’s attempt to lose over the past five years.

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