Arsenal continue came in fourth place

2016-17 premier league season 13 rounds of compete, Arsenal play bournemouth, sitting at the emirates stadium.12 minutes, sanchez using bournemouth defender returned error, cook cut gate opener.22 minutes, real box knocked at bournemouth Wilson, Wilson’s advantage of penalty equaliser.54 minutes, walcott meet real left lateral knock, clinging header to expand the score.The 91th minute, giroux nabla knock back on the right side of the area, sanchez middle road, keep up with the finish, 3 to 1.Arsenal 3-1 defeat at bournemouth, after 13 rounds of league, Arsenal continue came in fourth place, the gunners all competitions in 19 games unbeaten.
Was built at bournemouth team last season in the premier league for the first time, in the history of bournemouth after wandering in the lower league throughout the year, this is only two clubs in the history of formal game 4 of the meetings, have won three straight after Arsenal, scored seven goals lost 0.Play two rounds of the premier league last season, Arsenal home and away in a 2-0 defeat at bournemouth, on October 27, 1987, a carling cup match, Arsenal 3-0 defeat at bournemouth.
Compared to last week in the champions league and Arsenal to the starting line-up has seven position of personnel changes, regression goalkeeper petr cech, right-back DE bush adopts jenkinson, this is DE bush play for Arsenal for the first time this season, gibbs, left-back was replaced by the real card and el ni partner double waist, chamberlain it for starting as a left-sided midfielder, every middle and right forward theo walcott, sanchez is back to the single arrow, giroux, ivo, Ramsey striker on the bench.Rent by the gunners to bournemouth wilshere due to escape clause can’t play.

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