As a result, in the UK last week sales of video games

As a result, in the UK last week sales of video games, they paint a luminous portrait FIFA 15. According to relevant data shows, 80% in the UK last week all of the games sales FIFA 15, respectively, in Europe issued on Thursday, September 25. Not a bad game, even not released until later this week. FIFA15 shot straight to # 1, change the fate of the, before that, the spot for two weeks  FIFA PS3 Coins . Disney infinite 2.0 falling to third place, follow up Minecraft: the Xbox 360 version, and the call of duty: ghost.

FIFA PS3 Coins
FIFA PS3 Coins

Not only did FIFA15 80% within a week, all the sales of video games, but at the same time also brought a staggering 87% income. In addition, than FIFA14 FIFA15 do did last year. Sales by more than 15%. Sales promotion is very likely to be due to the next generation and the last one root version released at the same time  FIFA PS3 Coins . You can buy FIFA15 for Xbox, PlayStation4, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, or playstation 3. It also can be used for the nintendo 3 ds, Wii, and PSVita.

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