How to build a three giant team?

“10,11,12,13 … …” sitting on the bench Paul – Pierce look of frustration, watched the Celtics defeated and defeated. 2006-07 season, the Green Army actually suffered a wave of 18-game losing streak, set the team’s most embarrassing history of the losing streak record.
As the left foot injury, Pierce missed the 18-game losing streak of the first 16 games, but sitting on the sidelines watching the team lose is also a kind of unspeakable torture. Pierce admits: “I admit Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins, when I was thinking, this team really have the future?
Pierce was one of the league’s most versatile players, but his side was really a lack of help. Al – Jefferson, Gerrard – Green, Ryan – Gomez, DeLong – West … … all the cucumber eggs. His teammates are getting younger, and he can get less and less support.¬†
24 wins and 58 losses, the eastern top ranked first, the Celtics 2006-07 season this bleak ending. “I have even a strong sense of premonition, I will be trading,” recalled the situation at the time, Pierce said, “I want to know what the team plan is, I want to know whether they are still in this plan. Three giants, “the title is basically from Garnett, Pierce and Allen team then called the ring, and some people think that they are now the two packs of the source of the trend. If the three stars in a team is Baotuan, the Celtics should not back the pot, because as early as before they have such a precedent, Pippen, Barkley and Arakawa Wang three celebrities Members at the same time the effectiveness of the Rockets do not count?

I believe that the vast majority of people will certainly say no, why? Because Pippen, Barkley and Olajuwon play together, Barkley and Arakawa Wang has 35 years old, Pippen has also been 33 years old. In other words, have passed the peak period, is not Baotuan. The same theory, in fact, also applies to the Celtics. Three people have passed 30 years old, even the opponent Arenas said that the three giants are “too old”.
So, really talk about the origin of Baotuan, should be the 2010-11 season, the Heat composed of the Big Three. James and Wade at the time of the peak, are MVP candidates, Bosh is also the boss of the Raptors alone, the more critical is to look at the age of three: James 26 years old, Wade 28 years old, Bosh 26 years old. Compared to the then Celtics, this can be regarded as the true meaning of the Baotuan it.

FIFA is confident

Video Video Referee “Troika”: Promotional Ambassadors – FIFA President Vientiano, Technical Support – FIFA Technology Development Director, Dutch Champion Van Basten, Technical Responsible – Former England Whistle Howard Weber.
March 4 this year, the International Football Council held an annual meeting in England, out of Wembley venue that moment, FIFA President Vientiane said publicly that all the referees are hoping to use the video in the 2018 World Cup video Referee technology, “the signal is very encouraging! Now the only little difficulty is to train our referee.” In order to promote the use of video video referee technology, the FIFA ¬†(visit Buy FIFA 18 Coins) use a lot of manpower and resources, the FIFA Technology Development Director, the Dutch name Van Basten is its technical support, his own video video referee technology is also full of confidence, “everything is on the right path.”

Now, the International Football Council video video referee project leader is former England whistle Howard Weber, the project headquarters is now located in New York, Weber’s work center is in the US Major League test video video referee. After the International Football Council passed the test decision, the US Major League became a touchstone. Video video referee technology for the first time the official competition test is in the August 12 last year, the US League second-class New York Red Bull team on the Orlando City B team. That game took only 35 minutes, when the referee Ismail Elfis decided to resort to video video referee, he and the border can not determine a foul outside the restricted area line.