Can’t wait to play FIFA15 on mobile devices?

Can’t wait to play FIFA15 on mobile devices? Wait is over! Now, you can download the ultimate team FIFA15 applications. Had two operating system application is coming at the same time, the full version game all of the other platforms, but release was delayed nearly a week. If you have downloaded the application, and began to play, you will find it has released a little rock. Because the EA server with tidal wave of traffic very well have been shut down several instances.

You can download it from the iPhone App Store or Google play FIFA15 ultimate team, but you need to have an origin account to do. As the application account, you can play with the team, even if you are far away from the computer. You put your mobile device management your team’s action will be at home in the game completely in sync. In the application, you can use the concept of team work, you can apply for a new player in the transfer market, can also sell players, you already have  Fifa 15 Coins . You can buy a new flagship team package, you can also receive messages and for you the latest situation of the club activities.

Fifa 15 Coins
Fifa 15 Coins

How is the new application of fans reaction? Taken together, reception has been positive; Game players, they can now use the FIFA15 ultimate team and they are everywhere, they went away. Some mobile phone game players already dispirited and discouraged, though. Not only the connection problems, but also appeared on the application of some errors, especially the player   FIFA PS3 Coins . Some players have been in the efforts and the change of the squad.

Did you download the ultimate team for your Android or iOS device? Have you had any of these error, or do you like your mobile devices error-free game experience?

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