EA will introduce new colors in FIFA Ultimate Team players cards

With the beginning of May, started circulating blue player cards. Unlike what happened with the orange cards, this type of card does not correspond to a new class of cards, but only a change in appearance.

To help the understanding of their fans, EA decided to split the In Form players in three distinct groups: the black TOTW, the orange MOTM and the blue TOTY. These last include all the cards that are launched at the end of the season for the different TOTY (most consistent team, team of northern Europe leagues, team of of southern Europe leagues, team of English league, team of Spanish league, etc …). Its market value is almost prohibitive, which is explained not only by the significant improvement of the attributes, such as the limited period of time in which these cards are released.

The first players to see their names printed on these blue cards were the one’s of the most consistent team of the year. Van der Vaart, Óscar Cardozo, Marek Hamsik, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Jefferson Farfan, Diego and Danielle Rossi belong to this team.

It is expected that, in the short term, EA will introduce new colors in FIFA Ultimate Team players cards.

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