EA’s New Year “FIFA” soccer series finally out to “FIFA15”

EA’s New Year “FIFA” soccer series finally out to “FIFA15”, although its main event console and PC versions yet on sale, but we can already experience on a mobile platform to this year’s football feast, New Year is the reason why New Year, it is because EA for “FIFA” series as his own son importance as a strategic sale of the bulk of a hobby for a year is a lot of football players to buy on capital investment and promote sales of “FIFA” always 3A level, and “WE” players a lot to switch to “FIFA”, but also EA confidence trying to create “FIFA” become a soccer game overlord determination,FIFA 15 Coins “FIFA14” the 37 media the average score is 87, which can be considered foreign to those harsh comments at home high score, while “FIFA15” evaluation whether to “FIFA14” as early release from a mobile version of the EA, we can lift the veil or two.

Fifa 15 Coins
Fifa 15 Coins

“FIFA 15: Ultimate Team” Reviews

hile the mobile version and the other versions of “FIFA15” are the same strain, but in order to take care of mobile gamers and by some hardware limitations, it is particularly optimized for the operation, his hands holding the phone to play soccer experience no way inferior to hold the handle or a mouse and keyboard to play, but the real players in the physics engine and respiratory rate and a more powerful physics engine and quality is not entitled, of course, even so, the income on mobile platforms also allows EA not neglect on my actual experience, the game screen on the mobile platform performance is quite good, clean and is its biggest feature, the player’s movements are more natural, compared to another one vendor out of the “real football”, the gap is obvious.

“FIFA 15: Ultimate Team” evaluation “FIFA 15: Ultimate Team” Reviews


“FIFA15” composition system is still by season,FIFA 15 Coins¬†Quick Match, transfer centers, clubs and shops constitute up to 1G much capacity, EA has provided us with quite ample play mode, not just football, in the management of the ball team aspect, you have to do careful planning.

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