Eight kinds of Senegal UCAD/FIFA/CIES

Eight kinds of Senegal UCAD/FIFA/CIES sports management program students in Dakar accepted their diploma two weeks ago. Many leaders in academic, sports world, and students to participate in events that exist in the ninth edition FIFA PS3 Coins .

In Mr Ramin dia grams of patronage, track and field association outstanding President (IAAF), the international association for UCAD/FIFA/CIES plan eighth edition of the graduation ceremony, attended by easy bligh rasch horse diop,, dean of the school of science and education and learning, in Dakar university (UCAD) technology on behalf of the principal, jaabiri, plug grams, director of the popular education of higher school and sports (INSEPS), Vincent Schatzmann CIES secretary-general and Victor FIFA PS3 Coins  Kouami, French youth of the country and the sports minister, secretary general of the meeting (CONFEJES).

INSEPS director emphasizes the advantages and students who attended the eighth plan. He thanked his eighth edition of the backer, although a very busy schedule. He described Mr Dia gram’s career, and said, he shall be deemed to be in the future sports manager’s example.

CIES secretary-general Vincent Schatzmann, part of his emphasis on the importance of today’s sports management course, and praised the quality and the UCAD commitment. He sincerely thank to all members of the competitions since the beginning  FIFA PS3 Coins of a partnership eight years of work has been done.

FIFA PS3 Coins
FIFA PS3 Coins

When it comes to new graduates, Mr Ramin Kodiak patron in the class a address alternate concept and many anecdotes to illustrate as athletes, politicians and above all the servants of the sport he long and glorious career. He is very moving speech by the audience applauded.

Science and technology, dean of the school of education and learning, and then praised CIES and UCAD, as well as in Senegal in the FIFA/CIES plans the pioneering spirit of cooperation.

Once the diploma has been awarded, who completed the course, by 2013-14 students, providing them with a welcome belt to welcome the new class.

FIFA PS3 Coins
FIFA PS3 Coins

As many speakers pointed out, the plan is in Senegal has been very successful, both in the academic level and organizational level. CIES thank teachers easy bligh rasch, method and CoumbaNdofene diouf, pape toure, in CIES coordinator, FIFA 15 PS3 Coins  Senegal and Astou Della, plum, management project coordinator UCAD, for their commitment, availability and professional dedication.

Joyous cocktails and traditional group photograph end group in tal ruby hotel grand set of fines.

FIFA PS3 Coins
FIFA PS3 Coins

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