“FIFA 15: Ultimate Team “practical skills Raiders

EA football game in the new “FIFA15” in what brings some new things too, when players need to pay attention to what to play, bring the following
“FIFA15” Raiders just for you to solve this problem

Fifa15 Game
Fifa15 Game

FIFA15 players the ability to value the ability to value the top ten list of rankings
EA also released the top ten players the ability to value players. Messi and C Ronaldo doing my part to continue to lead the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich, there are as many as four players selected.
10, Azar (Chelsea) 88
9, Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich) 88
8, Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich) 88
7, Suarez (Barcelona) 89
6, Andres Iniesta (Barcelona) 89
5 Neuer (Bayern Munich) 90
4, Ibrahimovic (Paris Saint Germain) 90
3, Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich) 90
2, C Luo (Real Madrid) 92
1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) 93

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Overall legendary star players the ability to list

Baresi 92, Beckenbauer 93, Blanco 89, Laudrup 88, Bremer 87, Butragueno 90, 88 Roy Keane, Michael Laudrup 89, Bobby Moore 88, Okocha 87, Roberto Carlos 88, Schmeichel 90, Alan Shearer 89, Stoichkov 90, Valderrama 86

FIFA 15 practical tips and tactics

“FIFA15” with previous years, almost all three lines of speed, style, structure formation, this I believe we have to understand. When the main offensive moves set forward before the games more or coordinate. Midfielder mainly Daojiao or fast forward. After the field is oppressive and stations around the wide tight. There are moves in the front is a good option to own resourcefulness or station location, oppressive defense is to decide you still hit the high defensive retreat without leaving space station front and oppression can be well in the other offensive strangle but at the same time easy to play games behind rearward + no urgency behind the ball, but can be prevented easily be pressing play, the width is the defense stations are compact or spread, Barcelona and long-range type of penetration is difficult to shoot you but your opponent can easily blow up the sidewalk, you can spread out the door wide open, but a good fight against the sidewalk.
“FIFA15” is no longer a defensive mentality to walk so simple to set direction, depending on the position of each player can have different options, such as striker wandering type or Zhan Zhuang, find space on the other side there is to coordinate the defense of the oppressed how many degrees, midfield or forward runs to protect up to become a winger that can pass as a winger or wingers more sidewalks began to organize, although this made the goalkeeper is God, but the chance is king stifled opponents, such as front: Speed 90, 90 passing, shooting 80, to walk freely, midfielder: Speed 80, 90 passing, to walk freely, defense: defense 20, oppression 20, width 30, to fill the seats, the following players: Costa Zhan Zhuang + defense + standing oppression Road (this varies a), Azar and William Feng, of course, is in the endo + casually walk the other one forward pass defense will be able to get the ball and a lot of time ball point not far away from the kicker chance, a small law midfield default moves plus anti-pass line, Matic pure defense is not forward runs plus marking, defender default, the pressure on the two sides back often use this tactic Possession basic 55 after open shot is much higher than the other, the effect can be described as immediate, your opponent can not have scoring chances, but we greatly reduced pressure, in general, in the “FIFA15” the flexible than the opponent has to change tactics had more time.

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