FIFA Online3 Fukubukuro purchase experience EP guidelines for the use of ordinary players 10 Advice

FIFA Online3 official website launched a high proportion of each child for players to buy, then FIFA OL3 each child how to buy? EP how should use? Then you look at the FIFA Online3 Fukubukuro purchase experience and EP usage guidelines.

FIFA Online3
FIFA Online3

FIFA Online3

1. ep influx market, Tencent is bound to adjust the rate of violence combined card, thenext week, and the card is not recommended.

2. Based on past experience knows that each child will inevitably lead to an overall price increase, therefore, is not recommended during the Fukubukuro buy players.

3 .. someone said, that when players buy it, as an ordinary player, you can buy some ep Tuen, the impact of each child should be only about half a month, you can purchase a mid to late star more cost effective.

4 out of each child, absolutely Tyrant himself, bulk purchase, in the early morning of December 31 can be put on the players want to sell at high prices, the next morning, you will be pleasantly surprised to find was seconds away.

5. The game has a lot of student players, out of each child should not blindly buy a lot, otherwise the rest of the month to prepare eating bread bar, girlfriend also told me. . . .

6. There are a lot of players sell w not sell how to do it, it does not matter, off the shelf, put a higher than it is now at 22 o’clock on the 31st after the price, every minute was second. I believe in the power of local tyrants.

7. About Tencent out each child’s intentions, should be, a lot of w card emergence of market chaos, each child must be out of adjustment, which is a secondary reason,, the most important thing, at the end, workers sent by the end bonuses, annual meeting, there are many benefits hands early in the student’s cost of living there in January, and by 2015 to celebrate the name of misappropriating really clever !!

8. Do not think Tencent is a good man, villain is obvious, simply want to misappropriating, while adjusting the rate of violence, the influx of new players is not much now, the players novelty has passed, the next will send a lot of cards If this time anxious to buy players, then half of the price will fall so that you heartache. Referring to 10 football card

9. Tencent welfare ep so much intensity, it could pave the way for the New Year out of 07 cards, 07 cards are just out of high price, this time they can misappropriating up. So if you buy a lot of ep, and the next 07 cards in addition to the Spring Festival, as an ordinary player should purchase 07 cards, players should Puka card or w stars such as cost-effective.

10, the last point, determined players can be found, and now the market price has started to grow, the rate of violence has also been adjusted to remember that holding ep, do not blindly follow the trend, not the recent and cards.

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