FIFA15 players often feel that they can not defend others, share tips at defense

FIFA15 players often feel that they can not defend others, share tips at defense

 To close defense, then it should be replaced traditional defensive approach to the operation, as well as the area near the defense, then it is best not RB + A because it is easy to be walking the dog, I practice found RB + LT plus RT then look at the situation this way anti-effective.

The most important thing a little heart to sink live gas, do not think the ball off down but to anti-down, you block the ball well the other route, he will naturally mistakes.

Do not out of position, defenseman, including defender, midfielder should hold formation, can not easily grab flutter. Fut 15 Coins In short use real football game defensive attitude towards an attack on every computer.

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This generation is not difficult to prevent, difficult is the players always light and heavy attack, the defense is simply more ground to grab, grab Wai, is to get the ball to the right as soon as possible in order to attack, but almost everyone in the attack patiently full, while in combination with mass cut suddenly can play.
Just chasing the ball does not recognize people will make the defense as long as the effect is actually put on the defensive a little more effort not to blindly becomes apparent.

Of course, the difficulty of Occupational and below it does not matter, as you how mad rush to grab all rows.

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