Former South African and Leeds united football stars phil Masing

Former South African and Leeds united football stars phil Masinga has begun in the FIFA/CIES organizations of sports management course, nelson mandela metropolitan university (NMMU) the eighth edition. He joined his teammates in port Elizabeth of September will be to attend classes, until June 2015.

Why did you choose in NMMU/FIFA/CIES sports management course registration?

Mainly because this course has a good international reputation, and through the famous institutions. I also believe that time has come, Fifa 15 Coins  I ShouShou beneficial to the plan provided by knowledge, strengthen their own skills.

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What is the class after the first week, what is your impression?

I soon realized that I have a lot of things to study sports management. We tend to think that the spacing is normal happened, we just take it for granted… The class is a real eye-opener, because I have realized a lot of work needs to be done in two wings! I am also impressed by the teacher… And in the classroom atmosphere relaxed, is conducive to learning.

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How do you think you will be able to use new knowledge?

Because the masters and the legendary football association vice chairman, my main goal is to use my knowledge, improve the structure of the we have implemented plan. In the future, I also want to play the role of South African football association internal. I believe that with NMMU/FIFA/CIES plan within the framework of the knowledge and skills, obtained can be useful.

What is that feeling is Buy Fifa 15 Coins  one of the students again after so many years into your career?

I’m a little nervous, but in the first moment of the classroom, I feel very comfortable. With other classmates, we’re like a big family, it makes things easier. Now I have to find a balance between work and study time at home, until I return to the classroom in December NMMU!

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