German media reported that bayern

“Spox” German media reported that bayern Munich legend ze roberto has confirmed that he will hang up his boots, delay will be free for a plane crash chapais kearns play again for a year, with the practical action to comfort the Brazilian club by major trauma
Colombia in the plane crash, a total of 71 people were killed, including 19 chapais kearns, six survivors, although there are three chapais kearns player, but will return back on the pitch, it’s all a mystery.For sand peja kearns, the plane crash almost completely annihilated, encountered unprecedented difficulties.Nowadays, chapais kearns want to raise the squad is difficult to play, Brazil and Argentina club have said the two countries, so willing to give them the player on loan, to overcome difficulties.Earlier, ronaldinho and Juan Roman riquelme said willing to chapais play kearns, ze Robert now joined the ranks.
Ze roberto, 42, the secretary left-back, Brazil international, who represents the selecao 84 appearances and scored 6 goals, follow the team won the 1997 and 1999 two session of the America’s cup champion, in 1997 and 2005, twice the confederations cup champion.Club career, ze roberto at real Madrid, bayer leverkusen and bayern Munich and Hamburg, the club played in Europe, in the southern star played six seasons, 248 appearances, scoring 20 goals, winning 10 league titles, including four bundesliga champions, the German cup and two league cup in Germany;It is worth mentioning that also once took over the Spanish champions real Madrid and ze roberto and European champions.
2015, ze roberto joining mellars Pal, 45 appearances this season and scored 2 goals, helped the team of Brazil’s top league champion in advance, and the championship ahead of time, parr mellars against team is chapais kearns.I finally hang up my boots, ze roberto had confirmed that the end of the season, as the chapais kearns crash will need a lot of players, the former Brazil international public offer free to play for a year.

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