In FIFA / Coca-Cola world rankings of October edition

In FIFA / Coca-Cola world rankings of October edition, third position last month and the same. First place in Germany has held despite a difficult start their 2016 European Championship qualifiers. Portugal (ninth, up 2) is ten before   Fifa 15 Coins their first appearance, because July and Belgium (fourth, up 1) have leapfrogged Holland (fifth, down 1), to achieve their performance ranking the highest yet.

At the same time, before the table list of Spain (tenth, fell 2) has been in the European 2016 qualifiers have seen them drop down, according to the tenth following their defeat to Slovakia (24, 16) and Switzerland (twelfth, fell 2) start ten simply Buy Fifa 15 Coins. In Africa and other games in North America mainland qualifications, lead to big reshuffle further down the rankings. Not under nine team has climbed more than 20 ranks, while the other 19 people in ten years increased by 19.

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The other three teams have reached the highest ever rank this month is very long in Belgium: Algeria (fifteenth, up 5), Iceland (twenty-eighth, up 6), Antigua and Barbuda (seventieth, up 10). There are seven new top 50 teams – Slovenia (thirty-sixth, up 17), Egypt (thirty-eighth, up 23), Northern Ireland (forty-third, up 28), Poland (forty-fourth, up 26), Israel (forty-fifth, up 19) Trinidad and Tobago (forty-ninth, up 37) and Hungary (fiftieth and rose 4) – but there is no longer any  Asian teams ranked in the top 50, Iran (fifty-first, down 7) and Japan (fifty-second, fell 4) has decreased to fifty-first and fifty-second position respectively Cheapest Fifa 15 Coins . Subdivide 50 each union before, now looks like this: UEFA (31 plus 3), CAF (9 minus 2), Conmebol (6 minus 1), CONCACAF (4 and 1). 141 games have been taken into account in the world rankings in October edition, the last month of the same number of. These competitions, there are 49 werewolf European qualifiers, 28 African qualifiers and 10 North American qualifiers in the worgen werewolves, plus the therewere54 match. A total of 667 games have been taken into account in the course of the year so far.

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