Loew announced: “we are world champion”,

     Loew announced: “we are world champion”, after his victory against Germany was an estimated five hundred thousand fans in their return to Berlin. Some do meet their fourth World Cup with a 1-0 victory over Argentina, Germany, 34 hours after landing in Berlin for a spectacular received from about 500000 fans on The streets of joy, and in today in The German capital Berlin, where The scene just like those followed home World Cup, in 2006 The climax Brandenburg Gate, The celebration activities to meet The time, though, Nationalmannschaft can show their supporters with The precious trophies.The parties have been a few hours before the arrival, nearly phase premium spots just in front of the Brandenburg gate has taken 06.00 CET FIFA PS3 Coins . By German kimi after Helen fisher, all eyes stare at the sky, when the aircraft is only 600 meters above a circle is what feeling of honor really special party area.

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   Following the 10.00 shortly after landing, the cup finally returned to the land in Germany. “This flight is very welcome to most of us, because we can catch up on sleep, at the end of the party last night,” said bastian schweinsteiger, after the boat. Although all the players are tired, Thomas muller promise party “, we will spend the same amount of hard work for the game in the process of “. In the final phase of a trip to eight weeks, it has already started training camp in Italy, the team’s south tyrol region – currently in hand cold drinks – change from the bus to an open truck, and through the capital of the streets are filled with the way they are. “I don’t think anything could lead to unity for the World Cup victory this sense,” Wolfgang Bach, nils German football association (DFB) chairman said. It took some time, the truck maneuvering its way to the final destination Buy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins. One of the biggest football festival in Germany, then take a little rest players down the gold of the bus to make into Berlin. What follows is a party – – to rivals in terms of creative and entertaining their activity in Brazil now. Players shows some elaborate chant and dance moves, would rather their speech as short as possible, because most have lost their voices at a certain moment in the lawsuit.

“It is a long and difficult, sometimes the champion of the path, but in the us, said:” the coach joachim low. “We have a huge team cooperation spirit and ambition, but without the fans, we wouldn’t be here. We are world champions.” Podolski, celebration, one of the leaders in a sunny morning in Berlin has described as “the most wonderful moment in my career”.Bastian schweinsteiger, one of the last player to leave the platform, added: “we are enjoying this moment a lot, especially because we have a cup with us this time Fut 15 Coins , we receive from Berlin to receive is incredible, we here in 2006, it is great, but now we’re on our shirts a quarter of the star.”

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