Portia modi became the first African players reach on Saturday

Portia modi became the first African players reach on Saturday, when she had her 99th and 100th goal in South Africa’s important 5-1 victory over Algeria in CAF African women’s championship in elusive goal in 100 – the international football. The victory in their final group game that Banyana Banyana semi-final, this is being held in namibia. With the top three of the FIFA women’s World Cup qualifying Canada 2015 ™,  Fifa 15 Coins modi plug almost chose to find her more important milestone in the game.

South Africa to join a group of outstanding players, including the United States in the Abbey, Bach and mia hamm, Christine Sinclair, Canada, Germany than, prinz and sun from China PR, they all scored 100 goals. Modi plug back with FIFA.com on her brilliant career of some important figures.

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In the African women’s championship in namibia’s top three teams will qualify for Canada in 2015 and Mr Modi is Banyana hope can break their duck in the final qualifying session. “Our preparation work is very good, we need to prove they are through the qualifying for the World Cup is good. Why do we need another important reason is that in Canada, there are a lot of young players who are so good in South Africa. This will be very good, Fifa 15 Coins   if we can start to qualifying, they can have a chance to see and get the chance to play overseas.”

Modi plug in Zimbabwe African women’s championship in South Africa in 2000 her first goal.

South Africa has a long-term competition and the super falcons in Nigeria, and west africans generally get better of their opponents. Banyana avoid defeat for the first time was in the 2-2 draw with qualifying for the 2004 Olympic Games and modi plug scored two goals for her country. The goal of “they are really important because we successfully drawn game, from then on, we know that we didn’t lose for Nigeria people.” South Africa will face in their semi-final namibia bane on Wednesday. Buy Fifa 15 Coins 2123403_w2

Modi stopper spent three seasons playing in Denmark mammon Hj ø rring hotel. “This is playing great in Europe, I was the best striker in the club last season. I think I scored as 15 or 16 goals.”

The 31-year-old said: “I believe, I still have four, maybe five years left playing the highest level. I still hope to have other opportunities, like a club signed abroad and go abroad to play for a year or two.”

Mr Modi began to play football in the street, she was 6. Not many years later, she began to play soccer’s top. “I played my first official game when I was 12 years old,   Buy Fifa 15 Coins my first game for the South African side under the age of 19, when I was 14 years old.”

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Striker scored her country against Sweden in the 2012 Olympic Games on July 25, beat the other goalkeeper and circle in the effort. “I stopped Sweden in our half, and then began to run toward your goals. At the edge of the circle,  Buy Fifa 15 Coins  I saw the goalkeeper was kept her line, so I just let it fly. It is a good goal.”

Modi plug remaining in South Africa 5-1 victory over Algeria clock her 100th goal in 3 minutes. Mr Modi is her achievement after mild. “I am just doing my job. But it is still great has reached 100, it is an honor, becoming the first African. I think, this also shows that nothing is impossible to football. I think that this is a great achievement.” Mr Modi is praised the South African football association, Fran Hilton – Smith’s technical director of her performance. “Portia, 100 blocks and goals, now a member of the club, also through the nomination as a member of the top women in South Africa list created history in a few years ago, as a woman’s football player. She is a role model, all women players in the nation, and a huge fan club in South Africa. She is a very strong woman, not easily swayed from her goal. She promised throughout, she is committed to the success of the team. She stops overseas gave her a beautiful vision into the game, she put this back to South Africa.”

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Modi stuffed in her 117th game for Banyana Banyana scored her 100th goal.

In 2006,

Modi plug won the golden ball in the best players in the fifth intercontinental championship, in 2006, “we won the third place, this is a kind of honor, was elected as the most valuable player of the game.”

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