Rein memorable Mabidi target in CAF the first leg

Rein memorable Mabidi target in CAF the first leg of the champions league final salvage the 2-2 home draw with the democratic republic of the Congo AS vita to algerians ES sethi club on Sunday. Mabidi pounced on a loose ball, outside the box to float past rivals, FIFA PS3 Coins  inspire an unstoppable shot over goalkeeper Abderwahab Khedairia net.

Raphael equalizer brought a capacity of 35000 tata stadium crowd in kinshasa to its feet, after they were stunned in silence, when Steve recovered the leading role on the ground, including muhammad ali played 40 years ago. Ali beat out George foreman in known as “rumble in the jungle” an iconic world heavyweight champion of the competition in 1974.

FIFA PS3 Coins
FIFA PS3 Coins

AS vita club coach, llorente Ibenge gave his team the counter-attack threat to north Africa before the warning. And he was most worried about is the carrying out of the 57 minutes, Accra Djahnit rounded goalkeeper nelson Lukong and attack FIFA PS3 Coins   before net combined with Abdelmalik Ziaya.

Sethi, entered the decider to provide $1.5 million in the first station to the winners, has made five or six away before this season’s champions league proud record. Cheapest fifa 15 coins  They spent 17 minutes short, think straight, and may be caused AS the scorer of vita club striker Ndombe Mubele. Joint top scorer has six goals in this season, see Mubele flick to Congo goalmouth caused a corner of a dozen of his thigh ring and ball into the net.

FIFA PS3 Coins
FIFA PS3 Coins

Sethi, leading to painful close to four points from the end of the first half double Ziaya hot shot by Lukong is pushed to the beams. AS vita club razed to the ground for three minutes into stoppage time in the first half for Mohammed Lagraa handling,  Cheapest fifa 15 coins Mabidi just beat Khedairia AS goalkeeper dived into his right.

A good start to the second half of the home team see Khedairia tip Mubele captured beams. Club, who have won every game before, meet again on November 1, of the lida with FIFA club World Cup in 2014 in Morocco’s place is in danger.

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