Stamford bridge at napoli

Re-scheduled week 15 rounds of the game, this week’s trip to Stamford bridge at napoli, international milan will inter new coach leather ollie attended the press conference, he says, is one of the best strikers in the world, have no time to fantasy get messi, and outlook and napoli.
For match with napoli, ollie said not afraid any challenge, he said: “so far, we have done very well, and through training every day, we believe we can also have very big improvement. Of course we don’t have to worry about tomorrow’s game, because there are all kinds of risk in every game, it is important that we are a full of combat effectiveness team.”
Skin ollie also talked about the team’s players, Kaldi for Iraq, he said: “the Kaldi has proved to the people, he is one of the best strikers in world football. He was very young, has great room to improve. He has a high professional quality, hard working, the model of the other players. Gabriel is very strong also, adapt to Italian football, he did a good job at the right time, he will find opportunities in the team.” joao – Mario is characteristic, his ability than hole of Ethiopia, we will according to the characteristics of the game, choose a different player.”
Skin ollie also answered about the rumours of a transfer, he said: “messi? Dream is beautiful, but it is potentially dangerous. We have no time to get messi fantasy, we should base on the reality. I just came to the team for three weeks, for target reinforcements, I’m not sure the new candidate, this time I will meet with representatives of suning, communicate us in the transfer market. Zhang near east and Joe hill to support my job very much, they are eager to will inter milan back to peak, and the determination to put into practice.”

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