Chinese consortium to complete

On December 3rd, the Italian media, la gazzetta dello sport reports AC milan easy Sunday will continue to delay, could put it off until next February 28.The media that the Chinese consortium if cannot take over AC milan at the end of this month, will mean that the rossoneri during the winter in January window without money available, acquisition of reinforcements.It is reported, AC milan’s largest shareholder fenin west group has agreed to delay requirement of the Chinese consortium, but the premise is to pay 100 million euros must deposit, the Italian media, according to AC milan owners may yellow again.
This summer, mediolanum made easy to master agreement with China and the eu sports, Chinese consortium for 740 million euros to buy a 99.93% stake.According to the agreement, China and the eu sports are divided into two times to mediolanum deposit paid a total of 100 million euros, early September this year, Chinese consortium to complete the payment.According to the expected development, Chinese consortium in November 20, before and after the Derby war officially take over AC milan, but central sports did not pay the rest of the money, then drag on, first is on December 2, and then is December 13.Six weeks earlier, the community came to delay, AC milan owner silvio berlusconi has agreed, even easy Sunday become after January 15.
Surprisingly, AC milan now Sunday misfortune happened easily, once again postponed, the Italian media la gazzetta dello sport reported that China and the eu sports will take over the day on February 28.Delayed again and again, not only make small shareholders, AC milan’s largest shareholder fenin west group also began to worry about the can complete equity trading, had already notified to the central sports, for central sports provide information on all participating investors, rather than just a few major investors.In fact, the popular point, AC milan shareholders have questioned central sports resources, it also makes the rossoneri can be easy to master, uncertain, don’t rule out the possibility of yellow.
Sources pointed out that the central sports delays in payments to the shareholders of the remaining sum, AC milan is partly due to China’s policy, failed to get the required authorization, lead to can’t from foreign remittance.Italian media la repubblica newspaper said, whatever the reason, delays in the implementation of the owners, the biggest impact is AC milan itself, the black legion JiGong during terms, currently ranked third in serie a championships, only four points behind the leaders Juventus, title is promising.AC milan coach vincenzo montella was going to answer the central sports provide a huge sum of money, in the acquisition during the winter window reinforcements in January, now, it seems, can only be illusory.

Real Madrid in the champions league

Real Madrid in the champions league group G away with benzema last-minute header 2 to 1 victory over sporting Lisbon, continue to bite in the first place in Dortmund.

Has a lot of big stars in real Madrid array we all know this, but the game, in addition to cristiano ronaldo and others, the pitch is very famous also stood a figure, he is the bottom line of the referee on the spot, named Douglas Ross, Ross’s original main business is not the referee, his “identity” is Tory MPS in Scotland, is the representative of the Scottish highlands and surrounding islands the interests of the voters.

Ross, however, because the referee the part-time missed the judiciary committee meeting in the day, the point is, this is not the first time that rose because the referee work affected their daily work, in 2014, he was in the Brazilian World Cup referee training work, and missed the local vote of the new tax policy, now, rose again to make mistakes, is facing a risk of being fired.

Recently, a man named Ben macpherson’s Scottish national party lawmakers said in an interview with the BBC, “the last time, he told us that it was just an accident, but now the situation happen again, I think it is time to direct to his red card (fire).”

Macpherson went on to say, “obviously he read the referee the job better than the annual salary of 40000 pounds heavier work, his behavior for electoral completely is a kind of contempt and irresponsible. Therefore, if he is unable to continue as the job, he should accept the drop immediately dispose (fire), peace of mind to be a referee.”

If Ross finally really so I lost my job, it is really some do more harm than good, in China, it is equivalent to a civil servant idle to run to do a part-time job, as a result of the cast iron rice bowl.