Turin is just the day before celebrating

2016-17 re-scheduled week 15 rounds all season home-country crowd Madden Coins.The 2-1 victory over Palermo and fiorentina sampdoria 2-0 victory over torino, Mr Solow’s 3-0 win over empoli.While pescara is shaking hands with cagliari 1-1, Genoa and chievo 0-0 draw, udinese with 93 minutes score 1-0 victory over bologna.The following is a detailed battle report (at home) :
Sampdoria 2-0 in Turin
Mihajlovic’s petrovic as torino coach return to sampdoria to face his former club, while Turin is just the day before celebrating the 110th anniversary of the team http://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins.Game is just beginning you don’t, falk will hit the top of the crossbar with a volley from outside the box.But the game until the 51st minute deadlock is broken, sampdoria corner form melee penalty area, barreto foot to the ball magic 2, then turned and left foot sideways rifle prone the ball into the corner, 1-0.The 94th minute, in a beautifully-weighted along the left bottom line and the Ghana midfielder substitute heathcliff, relaxed the ball into the small box, 2-0.
Mr Solow 3-0 empoli
22 minutes, library rupp attack tackled ragusa, referee a yellow card and a penalty, skoog rupp, although judgment to Manuel pellegrini direction, take the penalty but but too fast to stop the ball into the net, 1-0.The 36th minute, empoli another blow, Manuel pellegrini shot was crowe west stopped with the hand, the referee gave Mr Solow the game the second penalty.Ritchie penalty stood in front of the lower left corner, and the ball accurate penalty into the top 2-0.Just start in the second half, library Wayne rooney’s low shot hit the inside the post.Another blow, and 53 minutes, empoli richie low pass though, library rupp, threw herself, but the ball to the foot of ragusa, which naturally accepted the gift, 3-0.3-0 victory over empoli, eventually Mr Solow home win in 10 games debut.
Cagliari pescara 1-1
Pescara has six league defeats before the game, and have 12 games.24 minutes, borriello head in the penalty area after stop and di gennaro on the long ball, then back to work out the ball into the goal under the lower left corner, cagliari’s 1-0 lead.Trifecta, di gennaro in three minutes, for two consecutive unnecessary yellow card and sent off in 33 minutes, cagliari only ten men in one hour time.But pescara equalised until the game on 94 minutes, than a free-kick lachish and point out the ball after coppola in net, eventually pescara a 1-1 draw against cagliari end 6 defeats.
Fiorentina Palermo 2-1
Fiorentina in the champions league cup and premier league last week losing thessaloniki and inter, and the game in the face of a buoyant Palermo coach sosa is also sent a set of offensive formation oath three points.10 minutes, kali, header, but the referee offside penalty goal will be disallowed.33 minutes, slightly cross by agri sami block with the hand, the referee decisive penalty decision.Bernard ‘it will easily into the spot-kick, 1-0.Half-time, slightly shot by Mr Savage saved, baba card Brazilian dribbles gate successful, but the referee thought baba card collision goalkeeper first goal will be disallowed and shows that the two sides did not directly contact but slow motion.49 minutes, Palermo win a free kick opportunity, yaya, right foot directly, the ball into the goal accurately the top right corner, 1-1.The 93th minute, crazy attack more than Florence, finally, tactical headed off-target, baba being the top scoring card box, 2-1, Florence, finally achieved a victory.
Chievo 0-0 Genoa
Genoa earlier at burnley.The 32nd minute, MeiQiao in ejection hit the crossbar.The 36th minute, MeiQiao in be put down in the penalty area, the referee decisive penalty decision.But bill, will be high penalty kick.The 66th minute, because big box on the left side of the left foot shot hit the woodwork.Eventually the two sides 0-0 shaking hands.
Udinese’s 1-0 bologna
Udinese in the game just for team building 120 anniversary of the birthday.The 68th minute, oprah winfrey in Galveston down, wu was shown a second yellow card, this card is bologna have 6 yellow CARDS this season.Deadlock game until the 93th minute break, his right under the cross, danilo point after volley sideways volley, the ball after hit the post into the net, udinese’s 1-0 victory over bologna.