when it comes to games

when it comes to games, brings together the champion of the continents, however, it is not fair only focused on the European representative. FIFA 15 Coins The problem is, relative to real Madrid, almost all teams win their European championship experience difficult times. SAN lorenzo, for example, to join the select group of great Argentina won the copa libertadores, has been trying to, in the second half of this year, which makes their fans stunned. “We’re not playing like us, when we won the copa libertadores,” coach said edgardo Bauza.

While Moghreb, Morocco, the winner, and Oakland, who didn’t win the champions league Oceania to 5 months may play games after the official competition, also showing both in the domestic league. For them,  FIFA 15 Coins Cruz Azul company CONCACAF champion, and western Sydney wanderers, the winner of the Asian champions league, also disappointing. With the real challenger, the ES sethi, only agree that led to their CAF champions league form, and one of the championship leader in Algeria.

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Buy FIFA 15 Coins

On the other hand, leaving behind their hardships, breathing world champion thin air just may be a team need to rediscover their form of supplements. And in a very short eliminate war, a shrewd tactical adjustments or excellent performance of more than 90 minutes to make differences of more powerful competitors. SAN lorenzo, at the same time, believe that it is another important factor should be considered.

“The Argentine’s courage and passion gives us opportunities for any team in the world,” Bauza, who is in charge of LDU Quito, Buy FIFA 15 Coins  life’s favorite Manchester united at the end of the 2008 event is very difficult to say. Yepes, Columbia who embodies the fighting spirit, of SAN lorenzo defense has a similar message: “we have to be complicated things for them (real) it won’t be easy, but in a one-off game anything could happen.”

For Cruz Azul company; the sixth, Mexico in the club World Cup competition, our goal is to avoid after a disappointing performance in the game list, the more setbacks in the country. Nothing, but also shake the confidence of their players. “First of all, we must break through western Sydney. After that, anything could happen,” said the corona. “I have no doubt that we could lead to a pleasant surprise. Our goal is to go back home, added:” a confident Marco Fabian.


In line with the same spirit, Moghreb all hope that the support of their fans, can help the Moroccan side to another impressive movement, after the game, raja casablanca finished as runners-up in 2013 ” Buy FIFA 15 Coins  l my players will get real ascension from the packaging of the stadium,” aziz el amri, the representative of the host country coach said. “I believe we will have a great game.”

The festival of football

If these forecasts are correct, in 10 days in Morocco atmosphere should be electric. No matter what happens, when like cristiano ronaldo, iker casillas, cross, Tony bell, especially this jersey Ma Xing – may be a great favorite with local fans – take in Rabat marrakech court, the state will ground to a halt. Buy FIFA 15 Coins  l  “If we get there (eventually), of course, I will try to change shirt and cristiano ronaldo. How can I miss such an opportunity?” Said Mouhssine Iajour, former Jia Mingxing who is now the main Moghreb striker.

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Even if I don’t play, the fans will be difficult to short-term big wrist watch. Fabian, corona, yepes and Matthew, Norwich played in the FIFA World Cup ™, Hera, many torrado, Ernest Ortigoza roma and leandro barbosanone ollie is committed to the competition brought Latin flavor. Last but not least, Abdelmalik Ziaya and experience the complete lineup of stars Ivan dimensional richie.

All the big kick-off now set, you can take action in accordance with all the news and FIFA.com – no matter who you support!

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