Barcelona with Malone and al da figure change

Into the second half, the celtics with forrest injured Sinclair. 46 minutes, Mr Lai box on the right side pick after passing right foot shot, mascherano fly off the ball. Sergi – 48 minutes arruda right free-kick cross error, McGregor dispossessing alba within the area of arc after left foot shot was saved, after 1 minute McGregor arc of the area on the right side is left-footed pulled off Kitty. 49 minutes cross from the left 45 degrees, forster’s Mr Lai road header shot was saved in the terminal.

54 minutes, pull down behind a ray box luis suarez, referee osama a penalty, Lionel messi low middle break his left foot. 2-0, Barcelona to expand advantages, Lionel messi club career international competition 100th ball! 62 minutes serginho – arruda run forrest was booked, the celtics with beton tommaso rocchi. Iraq a ray left free kick crossed, Mr Lai is small header in the terminal. Barcelona with di nie alba, mar 66 minutes left after cutting inside cross, messi box on the right side of his right foot low, the ball rub the far post fly out of the bottom line. Mar 70 minutes without ball state kicked steger, two people slanging match each get a yellow card, the maldives will be suspended for total 3 yellow CARDS.

The celtics with Roberts McGregor, Barcelona with Malone and al da figure change out of pique and omar, Malone barca career debut. Penalty area after 82 minutes messi breaks right cross, luis suarez penalty area middle tipped round hit the post. Kitty has a free kick during the 85 minutes, intentionally wasting time referee refused to play, croats shuffling failure. Armstrong kick down behind messi was booked 87 minutes, 1 minutes, Kitty’s midfielder pulling forrest was booked, he will be suspended in the next round. Eventually the celtics, the only Barcelona 2-0, round lock group leaders in advance.

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