Former England international

Former England international, Liverpool legend Steven gerrard formally announced the end of his career

Gerrard said in a statement: “the recent media for my future there is some speculation that I want to confirm that I will retire from my professional career. I have an incredible career, I want to thank Liverpool, England, and the Los Angeles galaxy spent every person and every time.

“Since I was a child, my dream is to be able to put on Liverpool, the famous red shirt when I was in November 1998 after the debut against Blackburn, I didn’t think of what the next 18 years. I am very lucky to be able to experience so many perfect moment in the middle of the career. I’m very proud to play for Liverpool more than 700 games, including most of the time or the captain, I’m proud to help the club win the championship of the played my role in the process, not to mention Istanbul night.

“In the national team, I am very honoured to play 114 games for England, very proud to a national team captain. Whenever recall every moment in the England shirt I, I’m proud.

“I am very lucky to have such a career, but if without the support of many people, it won’t be so. First of all, I want to thank everyone at Liverpool fc. I am very proud to play for Liverpool so many years, as captain for so many years, very proud to some achievements.

“I am very lucky to be able to work with some great players, also had some good coaching, I want to thank everyone, also including all logistics team.

“I want to thank Steve hai wei, David shannon and Hugh Macaulay, they trust me, when I started Liverpool career, give me progress of platform, help me achieve the dream.

“Thanks to Liverpool, England and the Los Angeles galaxy fans support. Your sincere and support means the world to me.

“I want to thank stu south – Marshall, my agent, and the entire team, for their support in the past 18 years. In football, I am very lucky to have such a group of close friends, I can always rely on and rely on friends, thank you.

“In the end, the most important thing is, I want to thank my family. My mother and father and brother unconditional support of me, for I have no thought they are everything to me. I want to thank my wife, Alex, my baby Lily, Lexie and Lourdes, thank you for your continued love and support to me. In my good times and bad days, as always, you without you, everything is impossible, thank you.

“I’m excited about the future, I still think they can do a lot for football, regardless of the role. I is currently considering several options, no matter what to do next, I will quickly issued a statement.”

36, gerrard major league teams in the United States the Los Angeles galaxy last time spent his career, in December of this year, due at the end of his contract with the galaxy.Before this, Steven gerrard in Liverpool for 17 years, played 710 games, scoring 186 goals, helped the reds won 1 times the champions league, league cup three times, two fa cups, one European super cup, 1 uefa cup champions and a community shield.

In 2008 the selection of KOP stands one hundred big players, Steven gerrard after dalglish;In 2013, the same selection, gerrard was voted Liverpool’s history’s greatest stars.

Gerrard made his debut in the Liverpool academy, on November 29, 1998, 18-year-old gerrard as a substitute against Blackburn, made his debut in the red army.When the season, he was 13 appearances for Liverpool, became a regular backup;1999-20, Steven gerrard and small redknapp has gradually become the main partner, his harvest in the Derby against everton career first red card;Still in that season, in a 4-1 victory over Sheffield Wednesday’s game, gerrard as Liverpool scored the first goal of his career.

Since then, Steven gerrard has gradually grown into a key member of the Liverpool, in October 2003, formally replace sami hyypia as Liverpool captain gerrard, coach Gerard houllier believes he has good leadership ability.

2005 “the miracle of Istanbul”, in the champions league final half 0-3 behind milan’s case, gerrard scored the first goal of the red army, and made the equaliser from the penalty spot, director of football success one of history’s greatest a final.

In the England national team, gerrard stage debut in 2000, with the team participated in the European championship, three times the World Cup three times.Before the start of the euro 2012, gerrard was officially appointed as captain of England, and he himself also selected the best squad when European championship.A total of 114 appearances for England, he scored 21 goals.

As one of the premier league’s greatest midfielder Steven gerrard won a golden globe third, three times in the FIFA annual best squad, successively won the premier league young player of the professional footballers’ association, the professional footballers’ association player of the year, the press association player of the year, has eight premier league team of the year.

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