The league of nations has also gradually

The league of nations: division crown gradually clear, wild battleground
The league of nations of the east like the situation in the American league east, cowboy has made three games lead, and this week will be this week, day and night in the face of second division, a wild area the first giant (tencent sports video broadcast).If cowboy in the wins, will lock with three division champion and the first round of the playoffs bye, home-court advantage throughout the playoffs the whole will also basic is bag, but if the loss is the giant double play, the last three weeks and work hard Madden Coins.

The league of nations has also gradually clear the situation of north district, last week the vikings to lose, so a lion also won two games ahead, and has double the vikings, so came the vikings to hopes have dwindled Madden 17 Coins.Packers, by contrast, is more powerful competitors.Lion face next giant and cowboy, schedule is dangerous, but lost to the packers in the meetings for the first time.If the lion can’t advance the time lock, the last week at home playing packers will determine the division of belonging.But at the moment, the lion attack, defense, and even the performance of the secret service group, we still don’t think they will be 23 years regain division champion.

Falcon recent negative of 3, while the pirates won four straight, let these two originally losing suspense for the southern district of the league of nations now have a watch.Two teams now same record, the outcome relationship is also draw.But falcon next face RAMS and 49 a buoyant, and pirates, in addition to the three division civil war to Dallas at a time.Therefore the possibility of a falcon division champion, or it is bigger than the pirates.

The nl west, by contrast, there should be no suspense.Airport is currently leading the linnet 3 games, and had just recovered last week had lost rushed the ball attack, easily defeated the panther.Even in the penultimate week loss to the red, the airport can also be in ram and 49 people get enough victories.More challenging for airport, is whether the home-court advantage in the playoffs for the continue to put pressure on cowboy.

Wild places of suspense and the league of nations might be more big than united.Giant, pirates, red one, the vikings, packers, cardinals, saints, eagles, even all the team for the next race is not easy, who is likely to eat again to two defeats, so places have also become more unpredictable.The giant is in the most advantageous position, even if the last around 2 win 2 defeats, is likely to enter the playoffs.For the pirates, red one, the Viking and packers, there is a mistakes could snuff hope.Packers recently got the winning streak, but is going to touch the sea eagle.Red-skinned although with less sea pirates, but the schedule is better, we predict the future three giant and red one are 2-1, the last week of beat giant red one, the two sides to the playoffs.

Forecast conclusion: airport first round bye cowboy 1, 2, wild card race falcon 3 against the giants, 6 4 lions against 5 red one.

To sum up, this year the al west HeGuoLian east, are likely to have three team to the playoffs.Al west’s strengths is that we should have foreseen in pre-season, but last season or chickens pecking each state of the east, were so strong this year, is startling.