For South America cup final first leg

For South America cup final first leg Brazilian club chapais kearns, while en route to a destination on a plane, plane crash occurred in Colombia.It is reported that the plane carrying 81 people, including 72 passengers and nine crew, aboard the plane chapais kearns players there are 22 people.So far, plane crash has killed 76 people.
The Chinese football association through official weibo also killed in the accident to chapais kearns team members conducted a mourning, and matches by the team a few days ago to celebrate when the final video:
“This is chapais kearns into South America cup final after the video of the team in the locker room to celebrate.
Chapais kearns city xap, about 200000 people live, vice chairman of the club said: “there are a lot of people in our city was crying, we never thought of such a thing will happen. Chapais kearns is one of the largest source of fun here.”
But remember the source of joy, may the deceased rest in peace, living strong!