Spanish giants abuse of food

King’s cup first round is the stage of traditional Spanish giants abuse of food, but in the face of leone, real Madrid two legs is scored 13 goals, a record in 56 years.And real Madrid player again has strong performances, mariano has scored four goals in total, two round tonight to match the record of raul, zidane’s son enzo is the award for his first goal in the first team, castilla academy players to shine.
In order to prepare for the national Derby, zinedine zidane tonight even no Lucas – vazquez into the starting lineup, mariano single arrow is playing offense.Hope only 23 seconds, the Dominican republic striker of the goal for real Madrid, the Arsenal forward theo play steals, then sends out the cross, mariano in front of the foot to the ball pad to rewrite the score.
The ball is the real Madrid since the 2011-2012 champions league first leg national Derby, benzema opening after just 22 seconds to score against Barcelona, the Milky Way battleship all competitions scored the quickest goal.And it is also the fastest real Madrid in the king’s cup.Promotion suspense in the first round games has come to an end, the only point is how much real Madrid is able to abuse the ball.
The 42nd minute, mariano restricted right rib oaxaca passing, receiving card, turned and volleyed the last real Madrid youth players can be in the king’s cup debut in the brace, tottenham it was back in 2002.Mariano is a hat-trick in the second half, himself received Hector’s passing, bent over in front of the bombing.While real Madrid last youth players scored a hat-trick in the king’s cup, or against the royal united in 2008, raul.
Calculate scored from 1 became the first leg, now mariano is scored four goals in the king’s cup, is the tournament top scorer for the time being.And mariano tonight showed complete confidence in front of the door, his shot is not slow, the Dominican republic striker itself is in fact very confident player in the life.Mariano originally by real Madrid this summer is going to exercise on loan to other teams, but talking with zinedine zidane, mariano said his future will be a golden globe, strong self-confidence finally conquered zizou, real Madrid coach decided to keep the youth striker in the bernabeu.
In an interview after the match, mariano said: “quite amazing scored 1, and scored a hat-trick in the feeling is amazing, I still didn’t have much time to finish these goals, the happiness is incredible. I had no idea what the long-term, I think of is to work hard continuously, seize every opportunity, I’m very glad to help complete double rivals real Madrid.”
Mariano tonight also assists zinedine zidane, the son of 63 minutes in the second half, the Dominican republic striker area left rib sent back, after enzo zinedine zidane as a substitute, the box couple place finish.This is the son of zidane at real Madrid for the first time to attend a formal game, and made his debut on gains.
Zinedine zidane retired at the end of the World Cup final 10 years ago, and 3852 days, again have a zinedine zidane to attend a formal game for real Madrid, the son of former zizou has scored for real Madrid in the race winners, and efficiency is higher than his father, in the play 18 minutes after the break, and zinedine zidane that year is after 345 minutes of play for real Madrid scored the first goal.
Enzo is 20th has become a real Madrid this season scoring goals for a team of players, enzo can to say now is too early to his father’s height.But two legs in the king’s cup, scoring 13 goals, in the history of real Madrid team just happened three times, the last also traced back to 1960, and is the first time in 1928, the first two score of 13-0 and 13-1 respectively.
This 13 goals is to show the real Madrid academy level, remove two own goals, the rest of 11 goals, maura tower and Arsenal theo into 2 balls, each scored four goals, mariano enzo and Joe each scored 1, another 1 goal is from the 2014 J a move to real Madrid, real Madrid youth combined scoring 10 goals, fighting capacity.

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Manuel Neuer behind FIFA decision to hand 2022 World Cup to Qatar

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