The impact on Youtube community

The impact on Youtube community

We must therefore be aware that the phenomenon is treated very seriously by developers because many complaints were forwarded to them.

However, this will have a direct impact on the FUT game community. In addition to falling against a team with which it can not compete, it’s mostly the atmosphere that will reign in the community that will suffer. Electronic Arts puts forward a clear reporting system of credit sales sites and also videos that glorify the purchase / resale.

Some YouTubers including making some of their hearing and their revenues in the FUT method will be directly affected by this phenomenon certainly causing a decline in their views. It is a risk taken Fifa, since almost all know that the development of FUT method stems in part from the web community found on YouTube and on FUT specialized sites. Finally, it is reasonable to ask whether the greatest novelty FUT 15 will not be this hunt for credit retailers

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