Then airport once rushed the ball

Panther airport to slaughter

Panther in the first to send backup quarterback Anderson play, after the first pass is stolen, airport free-kick opening goal airport once rushed the ball after touchdown, panther with Newton’s passing a city back.Game after game no suspense, Wilson dominant, three pass after touchdown, panther surrendered.The end of the game, airport officials.

Mustang overcome the jaguar

The two sides were not done for the first quarter, second, three two mustangs offensive game, Brooks first complete ball touchdown, robbie stolen back to attack after defense atone touchdown to expand the score, the jaguar weak attack in front of the horse terror defense isn’t worth mentioning, the match ended, Denver broncos when Jacksonville jaguars.

Packers victory over Texas

The game in the stadium at the snow, the two teams come up repeatedly error, packers took the lead in the second quarter, Rogers find take over cobb complete touchdown pass.Game in the second half, texans steady advance after touchdown equaliser, packers complete touchdown at the beginning of the fourth, cloth in critical moment after all who does he rushed the ball touchdown, though texans with Hopkins to catch a city back touchdown, but the end of the game, packers and overcome the texans retain playoff hopes.

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