Thompson was finally found the handle

Warriors at home to a 138-109 victory over the SUNS, clay – Thompson was finally found the handle, he shot 10 of 17 had 26 points 5 rebounds and three assists, and the more made 6 of 7 three-pointers Madden Coins.
In a double overtime battle with the rockets, soup state peace of god, the warriors will eventually lost the game in their own home, and all the people in question Thompson’s state, there are a lot of people even began to doubt he and Kevin durant coexistence problem.
For Thompson, it seems that he has never been concerned about the question of the outside world, like at the beginning of the start of the season, he just told the media that his start at the beginning of the last season also experienced a slump, but soon he was back to handle, and Kevin durant is indeed very willing to help Thompson to come back.
Such circumstance appeared in the game and the game of the sun, Kevin durant doesn’t seem to be too care about their own offensive, but to organize the offense, Thompson is a beneficiary of this strategy.He hit two consecutive 3 in the first quarter to help the team out, durant is his hit the second three points of assists Madden 17 Coins.
Don’t think this is just a small probability event, in fact, the game, durant full for create offensive opportunities, Thompson Thompson is directly in the second quarter to become the beneficiaries of durant selfless strategy, his third 3 points from durant assists – his 3-pointer is full of three shots, and since then, and assists with proper durant, gives easy cic Thompson, 50 warrior – 32.And when the end of the day the sun crazy chase points, Thompson at 45 degree Angle from iguodala assists body 3 points hits, help the warriors in 64-49 steady.
The first half, the warriors team seems to be that Thompson is the terminator, the most appropriate and efficient also proved it indeed, after the second half, Thompson is a good state to continue down, assists after he scored five points in a row, green to his passing and replaced by Kevin durant, especially when he hit the second three points in the second half, the warriors lead to 21 points again, and he himself also came to 24 points, at this point his 3 point shooting and 6 of 7 is amazing.
Even in the fourth quarter of early become a waste of time, Thompson did not relax, high efficiency, in addition to continue the offensive end he also continuously sent great assists to help the west and clooney score.In the end he also helped the team scored a victory.

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