To make the weakest short board

Last summer, Conti took Chelsea’s pointer, although experienced the beginning of the season downturn, but switch to 3-4-3 tactical system after sweeping England, won the Premier League 13 straight to establish the advantage, and eventually get the championship. Fleet Street revealed that Chelsea next season to return to the Champions League, will face four lines of war, the team certainly need to reinforce, and coach Ortie does not intend to change the tactical system, which means that the sidewalk needs strong (get more NBA Live Coins from lolga) , after all, Compared to the front line and the central defender, the most lacking position is wing wing Wei. British media “The Sun” broke the news, Chelsea coach Conti has reinforcement plan, the target sword refers to Leicester City winger Maherrez and Juventus flying wing Sandro.


Maherrez has flowed into the transfer market, and earlier he has publicly stated that Leicester City respects the previous verbal agreement and he wants to leave the team this summer. British media “The Sun” pointed out that even if Leicester City release, Maherrez’s transfer fee is not low , Arsenal and Barcelona are interested in the Algerian winger, Chelsea want to sign him, is expected to spend 50 million pounds .
In fact, Maherrez this season’s performance is not bad, 48 games scored 10 goals assists 7 times, in the Champions League, his nine games scored 4 goals assists 2 times. If Chelsea can sign him, then Conti’s 3-4-3 tactical system, the wing of the attack speed will become more rapid and sharp. As for Sandro, Chelsea want to sign him is not easy, from the Italian media, “Turin Sports Daily” news that Juventus price of 52 million pounds, of course, the Bianconeri is willing to release, the price of the talk. Sander moved from Porto to Juventus in the summer of 2015, after the season in the Bianconeri poor performance, last season in the coach Allegri after evolutions, by the three-guard tactical system into a four-guard tactical system, become The team main, played 43 times, scored 3 goals assists 7 times.

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