Wayne rooney is about to enter the commander

Wayne rooney is about to enter the commander of a great club, but don’t think he can be seen as the Great Britain, until he won the game, at the international level. Rooney will be just DiJiuSan lions player reached 100 shares on Saturday, when he led the team out of their 2016 European championship qualifier against Slovenia at wembley.

The list of the currently, only Sir Bobby charlton and bobby Moore has made achievements, rooney failed to do in his eight on 11 years of international career – international trophy lift Fut 15 Coins . Manchester united striker may have five premiership medal, in his name, but he has yet to appear, though they are in the five league title with the anything. Therefore, although he will be full of pride, when he received his 100th cap, there will be a disappointment and did not meet feel slightly, in his mind when he began to rethink his England career so far.

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“For 100 blocks for the British, who have a lot of players do, it will be a great achievement,” rooney said. “I’ll be proud to join the club, and it is worthy of my family and I will be fulfilled.

“But I could sit here and say I have 200 shares and 200 goals for my country, but in the end is to win a trophy, that’s what everybody wants to do that’s why we play football:. To win that is the goal and hope sometime soon, we can do this.”

Wayne rooney in another series of landmark approximation. Manchester united striker has been targeting 125 Peter Hilton recordset, six goals are charlton and he is scoring record of all the time. At the top of the charlton’s record, who will be present with Wayne rooney a special golden cap on Saturday before kick-off, will be another proud moment for a striker.

But Wayne rooney still won’t feel is compared with Manchester united and England hero, unless his achievements in the international arena match charlton and comfortable.

“To become England’s greatest striker will be enormous,” rooney said Slovenia in official England’s game  Buy Fut 15 Coins . “Record has been standing for so many years, there has been a lot of players who haven’t been able to break it.

“I’m still younger, I believe I can do this, and hope this record will be very obvious, I won’t so big a legend Sir Bobby charlton – he won the World Cup, England – so I have to win the World Cup, to go beyond the it will be a huge achievement.”

Given his age, rooney know this will need a faith, from who is responsible for the team in the 2018 leap, choose his next FIFA World Cup ™ in Russia. But the lack of considering the England striker, and, in fact, the three lions will almost certainly, there is a part about Wayne rooney in euro 2016, although there is no doubt Fut 15 Coins .

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Brazil’s damage, gerrard admiration

Eleven years from his bench, in the 3-1 defeat at Upton park in Australia, rooney insists he is still excited about his country. And if so, his wish, because of the England’s poor performance, increasing in the recent World Cup.

“I’ve been away from Brazil is injured in get out – this is unacceptable,” the former everton man said. “But we must move on.

“I have a hunger to do well, I’ve been trying to do is very good. I don’t think I have to prove himself to anyone. I am sure that everyone can see Fut 15 Coins , I love playing for England, as anyone, I hope we do well.”

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Wayne rooney has played four British managers and 10 captain. But there is a person to stand out among them all: Steven gerrard.

“It is well known, both of us are close to and he is a great help to me,” rooney said 114 times of midfielder, who in the international football after the Brazilian retired in 2014 “even if he is a captain, I believe that he is a captain, I’ll get the job, after take over from him, so I see him how to prepare yourself, how to prepare for his game  Buy Fut 15 Coins , he is how to revolve around the hotel, and in the media. I spent a lot of” from him.

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